When will the Skyguard be fixed? A sign of things to come?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Hitback, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Funny how new AA is being introduced when the already existing Skyguard with its sub-par damage/performance remains untouched. If you were really focused on improving game-play, (and the game's longevity) instead of fattening your wallet wouldn't the rational course of action been to balance the Skyguard first? Its still a piece of ****. Because it's such a piece of **** I dropped MORE cash on the other Burster arm for the max. Would I like a refund of SC cash so I can spend it on other PS2 items? Yeah I would, but realistically I know I probably won't get it.

    The thing is, is this a sign of things to come? Consider the plethora of bugs/gameplay issues in the game already, then consider the balance issues of weapons and vehicles in the game, and THEN couple that with SOE's need to make a profit. That's a lot of obstacles to deal with for a game that, two weeks after going live, (still in Open beta imo) is having its weak areas brought into very clear view, (for the people that have a clue). I know balance changes are 'supposedly' coming but with the See-Saw type balancing that went on in Beta fresh in my mind I don't have a whole lot of faith that any legitimate balancing will occur.

    Is this how it's going to be, Profit > Quality of Game-play?
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  2. I think the skyguard is considered to be a "flak" weapon under the proposed updates. I believe this because liberators have an armor upgrade which specifically counters "flak", and this reduces skyguard damage.
  3. again, this game needs teamwork to play, 2-3 skyguards can destroy an ESF in 3 seconds without having to reload.
  4. Well aware that this game requires teamwork. Fact remains that a single Burster is far more effective than than 2 Skyguards.
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  5. but they also have a smaller clip.

    Skyguard= more damage over time and reloads faster

    burster= higher DPS but smaller clip and longer reload
  6. Skyguard needs some serious work, hope the flak fixes make it worth the purchase.
  7. Given the burster can quickly find cover in one of the many buildings scattered across the landscape, and doesn't render from long distance, versus the Skyguard's limited field cover and long render distance, sounds like bad game design to me.

    IMO, a better design would be bursters having long range, but low dps damage, and the Skyguard with medium-short range melt your face off DPS. That way, with the long SG render disance, smart pilots will be able to spot the SG, but only engage when they are ready to die.
  8. This is an oversight in balance between the two. The Skyguard should have the exact same damage, (if not a little more) despite it having a larger clip. Its a mounted AA weapon, it SHOULD hit harder than a Burster Max, regardless of having more in its clip or not.
  9. I run ESF's a lot for A2G and AA work and Skyguard's don't worry me one bit, However Burster Max's do. In terms of Flak AA Skyguards SHOULD be the king of the hill and Burster Max's should be the next rank down. In Planetside 1 Skyguards were feared by pilots, (and the dedicated driver and separate gunner design was better in terms of both game-play and teamwork) and it should be the same in PS2. And it's not. Skyguards are the laughing stock of the AA weapons at the moment and it shouldn't require teaming up with 1-2 other Skyguards for them to be effective. And don't take that to mean that I am some type of Rambo-go-it-alone type of player because I am not. The presence of mounted AA weapons on the battlefield should be like a goddamned shotgun to the face, instead of being the only-just-annoying distraction in the background that is easily worked around.
  10. Yet a single ESF can hover with pods and destroy the single Skyguard w/out breaking a sweat. Where is the team work in that. It promotes air power as dominance in the game, even against vehicles specifically designed to counter air power. That is not balance and teamwork has nothing to do with it. I can understand a single skyguard not taking down a lib or gal, they are meant to be stronger but ESFs are light weight in comparison and are designed to get in and out fast. Yet they can take a beating from weapons specifically designed to counter them. Its not right.
  11. It only takes 2...

    If every shot hit.

    Why should it take 2 dedicated weapons to kill a single-man, multipurpose vehicle?
  12. Both my mossy and scythe can fly straight at a skyguard and unload a entire salvo and kill it,
    But ill sooner ram my mossy into a wall than fly at a dual burster max.
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  13. Rational answer, It shouldn't.
  14. That's dealing blunt damage, though.
    It's possible that blunt damage is lower than flak damage.

    Not that I think the skyguard is even remotely fine, but if we're testing ****, it should be done properly.
  15. you dont understand, that IS its "flak", the shells dont explode anymore.
  16. Since when? The shells were exploding for me when I tried the skyguard on enemy planes.

    Well, all 3 shots that hit out of the 20 I shot, because the ESF changed direction causing my super slow bullets to miss even though they were properly led.

    I guess the explosion could just be graphical..
  17. Whens the last time you used it? last time i spoke with someone who used it they said the shells no longer go off, as well as when i get shot by them the shells wont go off when they are near hits.
  18. Right after release.
  19. Sounds like we need another test. Maybe this time with the Aircav hovering at 50m away.

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