Which Bolt Sniper as TR

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Carlos Spary, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hey... i have both the SR-7 and the M77-B , both wirh the 7x Scope for MedRange but which one is better ? Any experience with one or both Rifles ?

  2. SR-7, put a 12x on that badboy and rampage. You can 1-shot kill people with it from render distance.
  3. M77 has a super small RoF and Reload advantage
    SR projectiles are about 10% faster

    Imo, advantage to the SR but some folks really want to minmax the DPS potential. I don't find it worthwhile in a sniper. But that's between those two. If you aren't pushing for super long ranges, go with the TSAR and put on closer range optics. 20% faster RoF than the SR and the slower projectiles (500 vs 600) won't matter as much at shorter ranges.
  4. Gotta say, out of TR snipers, those with SR-7 have been the deadliest. Thats all I know.
  5. so i have both .. hmmm style is the same , i try TSAR for Med Range with a 7x Scope .. i love the 7x Scope
  6. I'm not in game atm so cannot check, but isn't the TSAR limited to a 4x scope?

    From memory its a beastly quick bolt action so would be AMAZING if it had a 7x.:cool:
  7. Okay... but whats is the different between the TSAR and the SOAS 20 . Scoutrifle ...
  8. lol was about to say I use the TSAR over the S7 anyday and Im sure its max is x4 :p Like the S7 but I prefer being a combat infy and go close range, Using the scope in close quarters is quite affective as well.
  9. I use a 4x sight (Simple Crosshair) on the TSAR-42 and find it both easiet to get headshots, and much easier to get follow-up shot kills (fastest reload) than any other TR bolt action. It is the ultimate counter-sniper weapon as well
  10. 4x sight is not a downside. It provides a wider field of view than a 12x or a 10x and is plenty to get you out to typical loaded server draw distance
  11. Yes but doesn't do the trick for headshots. When the enemy characters get out to draw distance, they're just a few pixels high, zoomed with 4x the reticle covers the head.
    Still its good enough for extended engagement distances, in a firefight where they just can't quite put down accurate fire on you, you can return fire with deadly headshots.
  12. I use the TR Alpha Squad bolt action with it's default scope....

    Love it.
  13. That's the SR-7. I use it as well, don't think I'll get another bolt-action =D.
  14. SR-7 with a 12x and an 8x. Choose load out based on what you're going to be doing and practice practice practice. Once you know the SR-7 you can do some pretty impressive things at some pretty impressive distances.

    ALSO ZOMG CLAYMORES. These things will probably get nerfed eventually use them while you can!
  15. claymores...love them, Ive had a few "that just saved my life" moments more than I can count. And its the BWAHAHAHAHAHA, HACKED TERMINAL, PLACE CLAY AND LAUGH *** OFF!!!
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  16. So i have the M77-B bessst gun
  17. Headshot is a one hit kill for all bolt actions. Faster projectile = no brainer. Literally. For both parties.

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