Who and what do you want in your voice pack? - ReachCast Episode 48 CQ

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  1. This weeks question is ...

    “What kind of content or notable people would you like to hear in your voice packs come voice pack implementation in October?”

    as always if you would like to call or email in your answer below is that info

    Email us at ReachCastShow@gmail.com
    Call us at (415)787-3224
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  2. Samuel Jackson.
  3. We need some desu!
  4. That voice Stephan Hawking uses for VS
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  5. Screw voice packs we need more voice commands. We can't even get "I need a gunner?" Seriously? Just duplicate Planetside 1's commands.
    Ok fine my voice pack suggestion: Tommy
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  6. I would like to see more voice commands, rather than just voice packs, though I wouldn't mind both.
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  7. Peter Stormare doing a strong Russian accent
    Edit: FOR TERRAN REPUBLIC of course :)
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  8. Gilbert Gottfried for everyone.
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  9. How about instead (or in addition) we add voice pack creation to the Player-Studio?

    I mean, I can say, "Suit's should cutcha bonus check" in a variety of southern, country, redneck voices. I was born in West "BahGawd" Virginia.
  10. Krillin.
  11. Vegeta

    from Tribes Ascend



  12. TotalBiscuit, he can do a condescending voice pack for the TR, of course.

    Edit: Though in all seriousness, if new voice packs could include different takes, that'd be nice. It'd be good to have adjuncts who don't just say, "try harder to get the base back". As chances are, if you're hearing an old man, a gruff man, or a black lady barking at you to take the point, you're probably being spawncamped. So it'd be nice if the voices reflected that, especially from the NC side, whom are supposedly free and free-market enough to not engage in much "charge of the Light Brigade" histrionics.
  13. lmfao, best answer ever, dead god.
  14. jak

    Anything other than the old vanu **** I have to listen to. There's a 20 dollar bill sitting on my desk for the precise moment they put something so I don't have to listen to grandpa.
  16. Richard Simmons for VS. Thx.
  17. The voice actor of Mattias Nilsson from Mercenaries 1&2
    Peter Stormare. He was also 'The Replacer' in the Black Ops 2 commercial thing.

    PERFECT voice for the NC!
    Heck, even use a few of the Merc 2 sound clips.
    "This is an emergency! A viking emergency!"
    "Ammo? Ammo! Why does god punish me so?"
    "Bumper Cars!"
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  18. Clint Eastwood for the NC.
  19. I still think the Mexican voice pack was a great idea.
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  20. I would rather they just give us the ability to make our own :D
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