Why are AA maxes FAR more effective than their Vehicular Counterpart?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Spadar, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Ground vehicles shouldn't counter air, am I the only one who things this shouldn't be world of tanks?
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  2. Air vehicles shouldn't counter ground, am I the only one who thinks this shouldn't be world of planes?
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  3. Try to use the heavy assault antiair, and laugh about.
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  4. Noooooooo. No no no. No.

  5. Infantry and air should effectively counter air. Armor columns should be prey to air vehicles. Armor columns roll over infantry thats why.
    Get MAX AA if you want to counter air from ground. The key difference here is that ANYTHING can kill a MAX, while only anti-AV can counter armor.
  6. Really? The dedicated AA vehicle, which is horrendous at anything else BUT shooting aircraft (which it currently does a poor job of), should not counter air? I fly reavers most of the time and that is the most idiotic thing I've read in awhile.

    Good pilots will still pick off armor - like they did in beta, even when AA was 'OP' - it's just the current system is too rewarding to pisspoor pilots.
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  7. Look I'm not even trying to justify the skyguard, I just dont think armor should effectively counter air because small arms fire can't kill armored vehicles. If you want to counter air from the ground, go HA or MAX. Having to incorporate some infantry into your column shouldn't be an absurd concept, the same way infantry can't just hike across the land with sunderers and effectively counter tanks, sometimes you need land armor support.

    The skyguard is unfortunate, should be removed.
  8. Liberators and ground should effectively counter Ground. Air columns should be prey to ground vehicles and infantry. Air rolls over infantry and armor thats why.

    Get a Liberator if you want to counter ground from air. The key difference here is that ANYTHING can kill a Tank while only AA can counter air
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  9. And I don't think that a fast moving armor column should have to stop just because a couple of air jockeys ponied up 700 SC for rocket pods.

    If the skyguard is removed, I expect the A2G rockets to go as well.
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  10. which is exactly what he said...
  11. It's funny because I think the exact opposite. Why should little dots on the ground that don't even render unless your 200m from them be the counter to air? I think vehicles and turrets should be the only AA. Even MAXes are a bit of a stretch to me.
  12. I regret spending cash on unlocking the skyguard, a ******* waste of money! I was actually expecting to be able to take out a few flyers, LOLNOPE!
  13. I feel your pain. Biggest waste of cash ever.
  14. Stop pretending that air and ground should be equal in tactical superiority, not everyone can fly.

    LOL boohoo
  15. And this is what it comes down to. People thinking they should be "Special" because they think they are pro.

    Let me lay it out for you Hoki. Flying in this game is child's play. It takes little skill. You are not special at all.

    Go fly in Battleground Europe and then get some tiny inkling of what skill is. Rather than just acting like an entitled pilot

    "Stop pretending that air and ground should be equal in tactical superiority, not everyone can fly"

    This really does sum up why ESF pilots whine so hard about AA and are trying to keep it useless.
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  16. There should be a vehicle counter to air simply because you need something to go along with an armored column infantry can't keep up and stopping every time you want to fend off aircraft is absurd. If you think that vehicles shouldn't be able to counter air then you should trade in your rockets for a pair of HA drop pods since it's apparently ok to just depend on infantry.

    Neither HA nor MAX are particularly good counters to air they just reduce it's effectiveness since the pilots can't just hover and shoot.

    While I do think that AA fire should be rendering all the time I don't think they should address this until they make the skyguard viable again and probably look at improving the other AA as well, drastically reducing the effectiveness of the only particularly viable AA in the game would be a mistake.
  17. No, this was true back in beta when Skyguards were actually something to be threatened of. Good pilots prospered even when AA was strong, and bad pilots died, cried, then came to the forums to complain about how OP anti-air is when they're punished for hoverspamming and coming in at predictable angles.

    Now? Any moron with two brain cells and mother's credit card can go on multikill rampages with rocket pods because AA isn't a credible threat.
  18. It is a fact that flying an air vehicle has more operational risks involved than a land vehicle, which you can literally drive off a mountain and take no damage.

    1) I can't fly worth poop. I even have a fancy logitech joystick. I can fly around but when it comes to dive bombing in particular, can't hit a goddamn thing. I will paint a picture around you, and if I make a small mistake while on a bombing run, I crash and die horribly. So don't accuse me of being biased.
    2) You can't crash a land vehicle.
    3) You can't repair a plane in the air, while you can perma-heal a tank.
    4) To aim an ESF cannon and rockets at a target, you have to point your vehicle at it. Which in fact takes more skill than aiming a turret.

    So again, stop pretending that air and ground should be equal in tactical superiority. Should a column of tanks be immune to air vehicles? No. Should infantry support provide air protection from air vehicles? Yes.
  19. Again more "i'm special" from the ESF crowd. The list of things that can kill ground vehicles is larger and more effective. And most of them don't involve driver incompetence. Meanwhile the list of things that can kill air is short and half of those don't even do a very good job

    If the biggest threat to your aircraft is crashing because you are a bad pilot then you've basically proven my point.

    Other people are not bad pilots. I am a mediocre pilot and I can clearly see why ESF's/AA are not nearly balanced right now
  20. 1. Anything that's flying in the air is more mobile than anything that's rolling on wheels.
    2. It takes longer to get out of a hot situation in a ground vehicle compared to aircraft.
    3. Because of 2, finding a safe spot and repairing your fighter/ship is trivial.
    4.Tanks have to focus on both the direction they're driving and the direction their gun is pointing. Aircraft pilots do not have to multitask between their nose and their nosegun pointing in different directions.

    Just because you aren't a good pilot doesn't mean you're not biased. You can say you love playing infantry and tanks, but you are still biased. I am a generalist. I fly, I drive, and I hoof it. I'm biased, too.

    Those who prefer to drive and man ground vehicles should be just as capable of warding off and killing aircraft as much as infantry can. Infantry shouldn't be designated the role of AA. Infantry have SAMs and bursters. Aircraft have A2A missiles and air superiority machine guns. Ground vehicles should be able to specialize in anti-air as much as infantry and aircraft can.
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