Why did you reduce the M60 Bulldog clip from 10 to 4

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by UnrealWeapon1, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. So the fact that we don't own the rights to the game means they shouldn't pay attention to us? I would think that the fact that they need our money to survive as a company would make them at the very least a little bit inclined to listen to us.
  2. Yes, and as the Rocked Pod nerf and AA Buffs shows, they do pay attention. But there will always be people crying over the weapon that killed them and they dont like or dont use them, so the devs cant listen to all "cryers". And i dont say that you should not "talk" or complain to the devs, but the way this is done, is a very bad one.
    If I realy will encounter some nerf or buff that makes me cry, I'll make a logical, fact based thread, and no crying like a baby and bringen arguments that arent woth called so ( Like: " I payed for , it has to be mine forever"). Gather arguments that are worth to be showed, make vids of how the bulldog works (or dont works because of the lack of ammo), get a friend and shot a him to see how the dmg modell of the weapon realy ist. There are a lot of ways to talk in an adult way and I think the dev are more open to this kind of critism than to crying and demanding way most people have in forums.
    Sometimes I think people here are really like children, they cry when they want to have new toys or stay up till midnight and when the parents dont allow it, they will cry louder or threaten to run away from home.
  3. The M60 was on sale recently. People bought it a lot i guess. So it's been nerfed.
  4. Sure according to the EULA, SOE have the Right to screw us around but if they do they run the very real risk of us spending less or no more money on the game. Loss of revenue will upset their shareholders to whom they ARE ultimately responsible, so they should not be p***ing us off more than they can help.
  5. And what about people using the bulldog on their Liberator tail gun ?

    Yes SOE has the right to nerf things, but this one came out of the ******* blue for no apparent reason.

    No one has ever been complaining about the Bulldog; and I could understand a "small" nerf (20-30%), but a whopping 60% is just... wow

    Not sure if it means reverted; you don't release patches "unintentionally"

    The future is bleak for the bulldog
  6. Are people really going to shout 'Refund!' every time a weapon gets changed? It's an online game, weapons will get rebalanced, it happens. Live with it. I bet you wouldn't get the Refund cries if it got buffed, even though they still changed something you paid for.
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  7. Balance changes are expected you happen you know
  8. It got nerfed one side and buffed in the other yet you people still cry. Fact you can still upgrade it and it's better at killing things now. Nothing wrong with the Bulldog change, I must be one of the few that's actually happy with the change.
  9. Yeah! The bulldog I used yesterday had slower grenade velocity and did less damage on direct impact. It really showed my leet skeelz for getting multiple direct impacts, but now it's mildly easier to do that. I didn't sign up for this stronger weapon! How dare they change it. Who's with me?
  10. Wow this thread went down hill fast. We were complaining BEFORE the patch notes came out which took several hours... No one knew why it was nerfed and no one knew it was buffed in other ways at that time.

    This is the reason I dislike public forums, always people that just want to argue or try and make someone else look stupid. We fully understand that they can change things at any time, we wanted to know WHY?
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  11. There a post on twitter from higby earlier today saying the bulldog changes were incomplete and shouldnt have been in this patch, next week they will all be patched in?

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    M60 Bulldog and Engineer AT mines were unintentionally changed in today's update. These changes are incomplete & meant to go out next week.

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    The Engineer mines will be returned to previous functionality tomorrow, the Bulldog will receive another update (overall buff) next week.

    I thought the 4 round per clip thing was a bit odd, but only really got using the sunderer properly last night... my gunners still prefer it to gunning an enforcer on a vanguard (as good as that is). We did one shield break on a biolab, they got 24 kills including an AMS and a prowler.. so .. cant be that ****.
  12. I want a refund. Not only did i have 2 on my sundy, I had it on my liberator as well.

    This is like buying a car and then someone showing up from the dealership to remove the engine, transmission, seats and wheels and then telling you HEY it was unintended when we sold it to you with all of that included!
  13. Why dont you wait until they have put the patch in properly before demanding refunds, the bulldogs are getting buffed next week.
  14. Gotta love when people whine about their OP guns getting nerfed.
    Yes I have a sundy with 2 M60's, and you know what I'm still happy with them at 4 rounds.
    I think you failed to see the part in the patch notes that stated increased direct hit damage and faster travel speed.

    Also you should have known that the game is still undergoing development, that means that weapons can and WILL be changed if an imbalance is found.

    Can't wait until they balance another weapon that is OP and can feast on the tears of agony.
  15. This isn't a nerf, it's definitely a buff. And I've never heard anyone call the M60 OP. I think the think sucks, use default cannons.
  16. i don't tool around in tanks much, so i haven't upgraded my vanguard at all.

    i just got into a firefight, one on one, with a sunderer fitted with these.

    i got the first shot on him, he flew off a cliff, and missed at least twice. he was shooting me in the front armor, which i understand is the heaviest.

    i did not miss a single shot.

    even so, while i killed him, he had done so much damage to me that i had to bail on the vanguard and it blew up a few seconds later.

    there is NO alternate universe where an APC should be able to go toe-to-toe with heavy main battle tank and come out even. end of story. that is simply a failure to adhere to vehicle roles and is what i would consider game breaking.

    EDIT: i should not that, while i don't play tanks in this game much, i do play them in most other games quite a bit, and have always been pretty good with them.
  17. Now take into account the Sundy was 3 people and costs more resources.
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  18. I think the Bulldog got a much needed BUFF! Who cares if it has 100 in the clip - the old projectile was way too slow/useless. Definitely like the new improved Bulldog a lot more - the 4 shots can do some killing now.
  19. Not saying you, but hilarious the amount of people in the thread who want a refund or compensation for buying a weapon with 10 rounds and then saying it was falsely advertised as it was changed to 4 ...

    Really? I mean ... really?? It is an online game with a plethora of tweaking needed. All the weapons we have now will probably see one change or another before the end of the games cycle. On top of that, it just came out so there no doubt will be a lot of balance changes as time goes on.
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  20. Have you even used it since the patch? It didn't even get the buffs yet.

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