Why not CPFs instead of ESF?

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  1. This is a "What if?" thread. They are....well, not productive really, but it's interesting to play around with them anyway. But if they aren't your cup of tea, maybe an idea to stop reading at this point. ;)

    So, why not common pool fighters instead of one empire specific fighter? A lot of this boils down to the topic of reinventing the wheel, being seen to do things differently, not necessarily because new is better but because new isn't old, and old doesn't get you seen as being creative.

    Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that rather than designing the light airchav role all into one vehicle with basically a different empire skin (the differences between them being fairly minimal anyway) we instead had been given...

    ....oh I don't know, a scout, a ground attacker and an interceptor, and er...oh I don't know maybe called them the Mosquito the Reaver and the Wasp, just plucking names out of the ether there obviously. :p

    Now you can say we do that with the ESF already, if you bung Scout Radar on you tend to have to plump for the AB pods to make up for the lack of flares and pop goes your secondary weapon. Likewise secondary weapon choice gives you either the GAer or the Interceptor role....

    ....but I'd like to suggest that with more actual variety in the basic airframe you stick these things onto you could have more flexibility in design, more ways to make air and ground all interact with each other, more ways to find that elusive better (perfect of course being a myth ;)) balance. For instance what if the Scout was the only thing that was semi decent at actually hovering? What if the ground attacker used Iron Bombs, what if the Interceptor was significantly more nimble than the other two....etc....etc
  2. Well they could bring back the WASP. That thing was supposed to be a inteceptor anti-air fighter with A2A missles and the rapid fireing chaingun but the things armor was so weak it got taken down by anything even a supressor.

    Most people just dogfight with a mossie since the Mossie to Wasp TTK was much lower than Wasp to Mossie TTK.
  3. I like it as it is now better.
    In PS1 it fell like every empire ended up with the same vehicels ...
    thats what i thought at least.

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