Why playing Anti-Air is a horrible experience

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Oddzball, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Ark

    Yeah, I was thinking about tanks....off in my own little world. haha
  2. Ah, I misinterpreted your intentions sir. Sorry about that, and can see your point.

    However, if G2A rockets where removed all other AA would need a substanial buff to give any kind of balance. Currently, G2A missles are the only half effective AA. Dual buster have ineffective range and the rest of the AA is pointless.
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  3. If you have good support, like an outfit to back you up, it's actually pretty nice playing as a dual burster. Find one engineer to feed you ammo and one heavy with Surface to Air lock on, and you will start wracking up those kills fast. Dual burster definitely isn't fun solo though, just get a few outfitmates to roll out with you for the win.
  4. Playing Anti-Air as an ESF can actually be pretty darn fun:

    1st guy was just annoyed me was taking repeated pot shots at his tank with my machinegun.
    Had the epic dogfight with the 2nd guy. We were probably up there for several minutes literally just a few meters away trying to gain the advantage. (Me has to give props to his reaver piloting skills.)

    But agreed, playing AA alone as a burster MAX or skyguard is usually pretty dull.
    It gets quite fun when you has a group & things actually start dying to your combined efforts.

  5. No one needs to get nerfed/buffed just need to feel more useful and that they are getting rewarded.
    There you go internet this forum thread in one sentence enjoy! :)
  6. And this is the most ignorant uninformed post I have seen in all of the forums I read including moronic facebook posts.

    May god have mercy upon your soul.
  7. devs just should remowe assist/critical dmg revards from wehicles and just giwe players reward based on how much % dmg they do( like doing 1% to wehicle would giwe 1xp) this way ground AA will stop that wine that they cant kill air while air retreats to safety
  8. A .88 cannon sounds pretty fearsome. That's like... almost an entire centimetre.
  9. So you had a bad experience with a bad team and didn't get enough certs.

    Basically the entire point of the OP is that certs are low for playing AA.

    That is perhaps the biggest problem with PS2 right now, everyone is concerned with certs and not with winning.
  10. I'm not sure you can consider the HA's guided missiles and the various flak alternatives as equivalent.
    The mechanics are totally different from start to finish, and the G2A missiles are effective dumb fired against infantry and armour.
    Flak is kind of effective against infantry and aircraft, and would be super effective against armour if tanks were ticklish.

    I use a Skyguard a lot.
    Used it in beta (back when it was nicknamed "Recoilguard"), and it was the first thing I picked up after launch.
    I'm not bad with it, though I'm sure I'll get "L2P" responses anyway.
    The thing is that in order to use the Skyguard, you sacrifice your ability to fight anything but air targets with anything approaching effectiveness. As I mentioned earlier it tickles armour, and even if you can get into a position where infantry aren't below your field of fire, the cone of fire it so wide it's a waste of ammo.
    Yet, the Skyguard is so ineffective against ESFs that it's not even deterrent enough to stop them hovering 50m away while you empty a magazine into them, as they empty a salvo of rockets into you.
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  11. Damn right certs are low for playing AA.

    Don't get me wrong I WANT to win the bases, but lets be honest here. Nobody is playing this game for "Winning" right now. You basically have a huge zerg that moves across the planet, taking bases and than instantly abandoning them to the enemy.

    Until Call of Duty MW4 comes out though, we are gonna have to deal with these folks.

    Back on my original post. Why the heck SHOULDNT I be rewarded? Everyone else in the fight gets FAR more EXP than Anti-Air.

    You know what i get? I keep the sunder/tanks safe from AA, than halfway to the next base the sunder dumps me out for no reason and I get ran over by the MBT behind him. Oh and than the next 3 sunders to pass me are squad locked(BUT EMPTY) and wont give me a ride/let me in.

    (I'm dead FLIPPIN serious there, that LITERALLY happened to me.)
  12. If I squad lock a sunderer it's usually because of morons getting in and spamming away all my turret's ammo at nothing. Though it is somewhat more satisfying to just boot out each one to do it, time permitting.
  13. They don't need to buff AA so much that air becomes extinct. I think Flak itself just needs a little buffing.
    • A tiny bit more damage
    • A tiny bit more range
    • A tiny bit more area of effect.

    Right now ESFs can just afterburn away from any AA trouble and we need it's like a 50/50 chance that they can evade it or hell I'd even take 75/25 at this point.
  14. This is more like the 3 things it needs least. Improving the projectile speed of Skyguards would basically bring AA up to par in one go. The range is higher than most people can probably hit a target already (I've had hits come in ~2 seconds late after I figured the thing was out of range, simply because the projectiles move that slowly) and their damage isn't something you want to be caught in, even in a liberator (you would win if you saw him, but that's as expected from a single lightning hull vs what amounts to a large airborne tank).

    The trouble is that the shells take so long to get there and drop so much that you can't apply that damage to anyone who isn't a complete moron. An ESF zipping by, even when you know it's coming, gets extra leeway simply because of the delay between shooting and hitting. It might not seem like much, but at those speeds, he could be gone or behind something very quickly. Then, on the other hand there's things like the galaxy, who is easy to hit already if he lumbers into range, and would take an undeserved thrashing if AA was buffed without accounting for its inaccuracy - because while that mitigates damage to fighters, he'll get hit by all of it.
  15. I can agree w/ that.
  16. [IMG]

    I run out of ammo and didn't get a single kill. Also, they all just ignored me, which was odd seeing as most of the ways I die in a Skyguard is by enemy air I can't hurt shooting at me. The Skyguard doesn't fulfill its roll and has little to no impact on the battlefield.
  17. When I'm not in a decent squad with an engineer that's aware, I usually just park myself on the Sunderer for near unlimited ammo, and run Sunderer protection... however I personally find that air protection frequently happens after a few birds go down and we take over the skies then I swap to another class.

    I was really anxious to gear out the max for great AA control - and it does a heck of the job scaring away jets. But you're absolutely right about the assist vs. kills - which I think could be remedied with larger clips (less reloads during crucial combat), but I'm finding in my personal experience that the MAX is situation, especially with Anti-Air and it performs best in sessions as needed.

  18. The skyguard is pretty much useless at the moment, it's like a anti air shotgun. Too much dispersion & low speed projectiles makes it unplayable.. I even prefer the early beta version with the turret was shaking up so much you had to stop before having a headache.

    However, I enjoy myself pretty much with dual bursters, unlike op.
    Something wise to do as a dual burster max is to _wait_ for the targets to get closer to you, so you don't scare them off too early. Doing this, you'll end with more kills than shooting random targets in the air. I can assure you, when a plane goes just above you, he's not getting out of there alive if you pre-shoot correctly, both fully charged magazines are enough to kill an ESF and have some off target shots.

    From my point of view, the dual max burster is fine as it is. If you want to be really effective, bring a couple of buddies and cooperate on killing air (still doing the wait the target to approach rule). We're in a MMO genre game after all, what's the point of being able to do everything by yourself ? On the other hand, the Skyguard is a total waste of certs/SC at the moment and I regret my investment, this vehicle should be at least twice as powerful than a dual max, but maybe more vulnerable to compensate.

    Here's what I'd like for the Skyguard :
    Deploy mode : 3-5 sec deploy, 3-5 sec undeploy (think Prowler, but longer)
    When deployed :
    - +25-50% more accuracy (less spread)
    - +25-50% projectile speed
    - More radar signature when firing (others spot you easier on minimap than a standard Lightning when you shoot).

    What do you guys think ?
  19. Join an outfit like mine and realize what TRUE team play is about. Planetside 2 isnt about having a 1 man kill all weapon. Its about teamwork, the sooner you realize this, the better you will enjoy the game.

    We ran 2 AA batteries last night, Killed countless VS and TR galaxies, libs, scythes, and mosquitos.

    AA is fine.
  20. So you think its fair that ONE ESF can kill an entire column of tanks(5 or so) by ITSELF, but anti air needs to have multiple units to be effective.

    Yeah that seems real legit. Gotta love peoples logic some times.

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