Why playing Anti-Air is a horrible experience

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  1. If ONE ESF..Kills an ENTIRE COLUMN of tanks..I'd have to ask if they were all disconnected or blind..because I shoot down ESF's regularly in my Prowler. One burst of my top gunners weapon and they're almost on Fire. Please, if you're going to talk about Logic I'd really ask you use some yourself. You make it sound like ESF are dropping nuclear bombs and flying around while Goku fires Ka-me-ha-me-ha's off the back to further bomb ground targets.

    In short, don't say things that don't happen and are obvious fabrications. However now I want a Super Saiyan haircut for my Mosquito. Do it devs.

    I think it's fair that planes have an advantage over tanks. I think it's fair that Bombers have an advantage over tanks. I think it's Fair tanks have an advantage over sunderers..And their juicy hoards of unaware spawning tadpoles..Uahahha..::salivates:: I digress.

    Game is Rock Paper Scissor. Or in your ideas. Rocketpods Paper Wet Napkins. <--- One of these is a thing, the other is not.

    The exceeding number of Bad's in Planetside 2 number in the Quadrillions.
    (The above statement is an exaggeration. Please identify where it's the same as yours. Thank you.)
  2. What gun in the prowler can almost kill an ESF in one burst. I challenge you to record and show this. Because I say thats a complete fabrication.

    There is not a SINGLE weapon right now that can kill an ESF in a "Burst" Every single weapon out there takes pretty much an entire clip or MORE to kill an ESF and thats just plain wrong.
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  3. The Vulcan will set an ESF to low health just before the fire threshold if most of the rounds land. When they fly low to attempt to strike us? Usually inexperienced pilots, they're getting sprayed at, constantly. I'll record some gameplay tonight and try and give you some proof as to what the guy above said. My top-gunner has mulched ESF's with it if they get low enough.

    I'd call 1 clip of the Vulcan a "burst" because it's a chaingun with 30 rounds..what? Silly, but still it does a ton of damage.

    Also, 2 rounds of the main gun will destroy an ESF. The Vanguards main cannon will also destroy an ESF in 1 hit I believe.
  4. Im not talking about the main gun. And an entire clip hardly counts as a "burst" Panda is exaggerating how effective it is.

    SPeaking of Panda, your ingame name wouldn't happen to be DaZombiePanda would it?
  5. That's if we land the Prowler hits. I've hit a Liberator with back to back double-shots to bring it down to about half health, but normally the ESFs are flying too high or too fast to properly gauge.
  6. I consider it a burst fire weapon considering a Minigun should have way more than 30 rounds. But it does SO much damage to Everything if it had more than say..45 rounds or so, or was more accurate it would be broken. I used it once with a driver whom was out of ammo. I nearly killed a magrider with Just the vulcan before he killed us. It was pretty awesome.

    A burst of a 30 round weapon would be 3-4 rounds. 5 at Most. The vulcan will kill an infantry in I think 3 rounds. Its devastating, just really hard to control. So, the 30 rounds is an artificial stopgap for doing too much damage. It comes down to knowing how to use it. I think since Ive started playing the only time my tank has been blown up by an ESF was when I was previously wounded.

    Liberators have tons of armor, ours is super buffed with armor certs. But they're really easy to hit so long as they're not doing acrobatics. The prowler is the only tank that allows you to walk your shots to the target because of it's two round firing, very handy.
  7. Nope. My name is ViolentPanda. I played PS1 for a very long time and was THE best Vanguard Driver on Emerald. In PS2 I play under another name and keep it quiet. It's not like I don't know what I'm talking about. I've seen these things happen. I don't have an issue with Anything in the game, as I seem to be able to overcome it with my friends easily enough. I understand ESF's are really frustrating to you, but the stuff you say they do only happens to completely unaware players who don't have the ability to listen to footsteps on the ground, or engine noise in the air..


  8. My only problem with the game is Skyguards being horrible and Anti-Air not getting jack for experience. THATS IT. Its not like I am asking to change the whole game.

    Oh and the A30 Walker is complete crap, but EVERYONE pretty much agrees with that one.

  9. Oh yes how horrible, ignorant and uninformed of me to put a . ( dot ) infront of the 88.

    Anyway here is a picture for you since you obviously simply cannot possibly phantom what kind of "88" anti aircraft gun I could have meant, wich the germans tipped over and powned infantry and armored vehicles / structures with.



    I think if you go back and read your own entry to this thread you will find that you already won your own price.
  10. No actually, 0.88 inches is 2.2352 cm.

    But I think we all know that I did not mean the calibur of the gun and that the dot snuck in.
  11. Why would I assume someone talking about an 8.8cm flak gun was using inches?
  12. I find a lot of the complaints people have is b/c they play this game solo style. Join an outfit, find a dedicated squad believe when I tell you it vastly improves your experience. If you're with a group of people working together at every objective the things you complain of in this post generally clear themselves up. You can ask for help and get it, if you're in a platoon strength group then people generally break down into what they like so there's always support.

    I have just recently joined an outift and the enjoyment really goes up. That said I haven't played AA max since beta and my one gripe was that they do run out of ammo very fast.

  13. Ugh that sucks if you play VS on....watson I think it is, its a us east. Anyways if you played on my server as VS i'd be more then happy to handle repairs and ammo.

    My most enjoyable times as an engie is assisting aa maxes and repairing air vehicles at the bio labs...er think it's the bio labs the wierd mushroom biodomes with the two air platforms.
  14. Uhm, if that's true that you are nearly killing ESF's with ease using a vulcan, then doesn't that PROVE the point that AA sucks? Since the vulcan IS NOT AN AA WEAPON AND IT'S BETTER FOR AA THAN THE AA GUNS ARE!


    Surely the AA weapons, (not very good vs anything that doesn't fly) should out perform any non-AA weapon vs air?

  15. Exactely, that is my point.

    Why would anyone assume I was talking about inches just b/c a dot (.) snock in after mentioning WW2, german, 88 and in a context of a flak conversation.
  16. If I an ESF flies over me and I hit every bullet with my dual Burster MAX it's somewhere around half health.... if the vulcan can accomplish that too it seems to be as good as the best AA in the game - which either makes the burster look bad or the vulcan extremely awesome.
  17. The thankless support role...I don't need the honor like the front assault , or the gratitude like the Medic, as long as I acknowledge that I eliminate an aircraft or simply scare them away to let the troop have their opportunity to show their strength is all I need.

    When I first start, everytime I"m in a battle, I always see a group of regiment or a sundere spawn got devour by Air simply because we don't have any air control, I feel bad for the helpless troops, any one or group of them could potentially be the one that push the line a step forward. I actually wait,and wait if anyone try to fix the problem...Bloody hell,I take the initiative and try the buster against anti-air, after 4 days...I felt in love with that gun, it's portable and deal alot of damages(it doesn't seem that difficult to hits even if the plane are moving). So, every time I'm in a battle and it appear we don't have any air control , I never hesitate to take out my Max and put on Barry Manilow as an inspiration background song ;3

    I do agreed that the cret for AA is bloody Bollock, but it's hard for me to get frustrate just because it's my problem,not the troops, making less cret doesn't make me less useful than anyone else .
  18. Hence 'almost a centimetre' (0.88cm).

    Also, I don't think the number was what he was talking about. I just assumed the rest of your post was sarcasm.
  19. Yah think his rant was about the dot ( . ) infront of the 88 implying inches. I saw your add on post assuming you also made fun of the inch mistake and I only pointed out .88 inches is not almost a centimeter. But I see you actually thought I meant centimeters :)

    Anyway, I still think the skyguard should be able to do abit more dmg on armor and infantry AND air just like the "german 88 gun familiy could" back in the day. That was my point with the original post.

    I think we can put this bad boy to bed now.
  20. I think ground vs. libs is roughly about right. Libs are 'ground pounders' and should be able to soak up a bit of damage.

    I think the ESF health thing swung too far. You can't make your guns do any more damage; but as pilots they can reduce it. The net problem therefore becomes that a tricked out esf is unbalanced vs aa.

    Out of interest, I looked up some of the old PS1 vets I remember who were pretty good in Reavers/Mossies.
    K/D ratios of 8:1; kills in the thousands. Most played class; "engineer".
    Some rank 34 already.

    Find me an AA gunner who has a k/d ratio anything close to that, let alone actual kills.
    ESF shouldn't be able to take so much g2a damage imo and escape.

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