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Discussion in 'Ceres (EU)' started by Trixtr, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Hey Planetsiders

    For all those keen for some properly coordinated team play, there's a New NC outfit now recruiting on Ceres. It's just more fun in a decent group right? It started as just me and my brother-in-law, both gamers of a good few years experience, both led clans before, I like that kind of feel where you play with a small group of people you know, and who know you, and how you play.

    We don't, however, want to be one of these 2000 member outfits where you don't know anyone. We'll probably shut down recruitment at 50-100 members depending on activity. Squads, not platoons. A small group of people you know well is a lot more fun than blindly following orders from people you don't.

    In terms of what we do, pretty much everything really. Inevitably infantry will take up a decent chunk of our playtime, so it's helpful for the clan if everyone has a particular class they're experienced with and have put a decent amount of certs/station cash into, but we won't force that on anyone. We do whatever we feel like really. Be it hopping into a galaxy and trying to take a biolab way behind enemy lines, liberator/ESF squads, or maybe if the NC's having that classic problem where we have no tanks cos the only place we can get em is the spawn gate but that's a 5min drive from the front lines and no-one can be bothered. Well then we'll form up an armoured column and see if we can't tip the balance.

    • Sense of humor
    • Voice comms via skype (for now)
    • Personlaty
    • Happy to follow (English) orders
    • Friendly and mature
    • Activity enough for us to remember who you are
    PM me on the forums for applications/requests.
  2. Edit: No longer just me and the bro in law! 2 new recruits in as many days. Woot.
  3. Hey man sounds like a cool outfit to join. I'm pretty new to the game but I'd like to sign up if you'll have me
  4. Yeah, you'd be welcome. The more the merrier. As mentioned we're on server Ceres playing the NC. Make a toon and add Trixtr to your friends list, or post here when you've made a toon and I'll come find you.
  5. I would be up for it. I have certed my light assault a bit (Nanoweave and a sight). I have a handheld mic but it works, but soon my brothers Razer headset will also have a double audio/mic jack instead of the one wire, but until then its my handheld mic. English is my first language. I dont have a great PC and get very occaisonal crashes. Sorry in advance for when I do crash.
    One small warning though, never let me pilot a liberator, or a scythe, mainly because I'm total idiot for flying, but thats just because I am not used to the flying controls. I hope I can join as I dont have any to play with currently. My name is Massie. Thanks.
  6. Signed up yesterday. Dedicated medic (AoE maxed out, medigun almost). Preferred vehicle: quad. Haven't flown a plane once (so far). Veteran gamer (playing since the early 80s and never stopped). Not testosterone-driven (K/D anyone?).
  7. Sorry, I forgot that I am part of my brothers PS2 outfit, so I will just make a new character instead :S I will call it Masshorde if possible.
  8. Masshorde, cool. Add me ingame when you get your character sorted. I'll get you involved.
  9. Had our first 6 man op last night. Was awesome. Half way to a full galaxy!!

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