Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Sunsets March 28, 2014

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  1. Piestro Member

    Today we are announcing with our partner, Wizards of the Coast, that we will discontinue game services for Magic: The Gathering - Tactics on March 28, 2014. We are honored to have been a part of bringing you the magic of the Multiverse over the last few years. It has been a fun and memorable journey, and we thank you for all of your dedication and support.
  2. Piestro Member

    • Is Magic: The Gathering – Tactics being shut down?
      • Yes. We have determined with our partner, Wizards of the Coast, to discontinue game services for Magic: The Gathering – Tactics. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is scheduled to sunset Magic: The Gathering – Tactics on March 28, 2014. New game accounts can no longer be created for Magic: The Gathering - Tactics.
    • What happens to all the code/data for Magic: The Gathering – Tactics? Can someone open an emulator server for Magic: The Gathering – Tactics?
      • Sony Online Entertainment will retain all of the code and data from Magic: The Gathering – Tactics. Sony Online Entertainment will not license or authorize the operation of a Magic: The Gathering – Tactics emulator or fan operated Magic: The Gathering – Tactics server.
    • Will the Magic: The Gathering – Tactics Website and/or Forums be available after the service shuts down?
      • All Websites and Forums associated with Magic: The Gathering – Tactics will be removed after the service shuts down.
    • What’s going to happen to my Magic: The Gathering – Tactics cards?
      • Magic: The Gathering – Tactics cards that players have in their existing deck inventory prior to November 18, 2013 will continue to be accessible through March 28, 2014. No new packs will be available for purchase as of November 18, 2013.
    • What happens to all the Station Cash I have purchased?
      • Your Station Cash resides in your SOE Wallet which is shared across all of the SOE games. You can continue to use Station Cash to purchase items in other SOE games, such as PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and more.
    • I have a further concern and want to contact Customer Service. How do I do that?
      • We definitely want to help address any further concerns, and if there is some specific issue with your situation that isn’t covered but could be answered by Customer Service please follow the directions on this page. You are also welcome to post any general questions in this thread; we will be reviewing it frequently.
  3. Kyrie New Member

    Thank you for the official clarification on MTGT's future. I am, of course, saddened that SOE was not able to save this game from extinction.
  4. leetmilf New Member

  5. Slapstick New Member

    What is to happen to all of our in-game gold? Could that be comverted into store cash before the servers close down?
  6. Mordor New Member

    So we are going to lose all we collected.... that is very bad news... i dont feel very happy with SOE now.... feel like wasted my money....
  7. Jorgon New Member

    :) I'm sure SOE will do the right thing and refund credits for gold and unopened packs. They are not a fly by night company and will want to do right thing. If they didn't players would be unable to support them in the future.
  8. iplait New Member

    This is not right at all, there are players that gave about 200$ for this game, if you cant support it anymore you can sell it to a company that can continue this legentary game with new maps and new sets of cards!!!
  9. FurstyFerret New Member

    lol, @ $2oo you have no idea my friend ;) farewell money pit. It would have been fun to run another set, and more player tournaments, but this is the info we've been waiting on, for years. and no, i will not say thanks sony; however, to all the players, and for all the truly fun times Dragonangel and I have had with the community... for that, we thank you.


    Happy Halloween. Stay in touch on phacebook richardrusch and bambifaulkner. we might pop in for a few games before the collections are deleted, should be more competitive play with the redistribution of cards :D *wink*
  10. OrefusLenoir New Member

    it's not correct. We bought game items and didn't rent them. You should maintain the server or refund us. Could you at least change promo cards in tournaments so that we don't fell totally screwed.
  11. SwiftDeaths New Member

    SwiftDeaths is my ID on Steam if any MTGT players want to keep in contact for other games. I'm sad just to lose the community. (well sad to lose all except Vengevine lol)
  12. Slapstick New Member

    lol... Love it.
  13. Jace Arveduin New Member

    Can't say I'm surprised, or that I'm sorry to see it go. As others have said, I will miss the people, even if I've hardly logged in the last year or so. Maybe SOE will treat their other games better, though this game's tarnished my opinion of them as a whole.
  14. CoupD3Grace New Member

    I'm disgruntle.
  15. Necropolis New Member

    Guess I will being buying the new Xbox instead. No more Sony products for me.. EVER.
  16. Aired New Member

    It would be kinda cool if after new years they dropped 5x cards on all players. Since all our pixel collections are going away anyway.

    Good luck to all the friends I have made. Stay in touch.
  17. Varchild New Member

    Having tried hard to help Sony for simple ideas to keep interest on the game with not even one feedback from them, i am totally disgusted. They better make something to refill me back the 500$ I invested!! Or never again for shure!

    And i'm so sorry for the whole comunity!..
  18. Fleming404 New Member

    I spent $160 in one year That's more than a Grade "A" game, and your going to dump us !!!!!, and deny anyone else the ability to run emulators or public servers!!!!!!
    I think it's time for legal action...
    Even if you gave us the ability to play single player campaign and peer, to peer open up all the cards so no one can sell them.
    At least that would be looking after us.
    Worst case scenario a sony cash credit for a portion of what we've spent.
  19. Aleena Witch Queen New Member

    My computer died about 2 years ago - right after I found and fell in love with this site (Game) ..
    So I only really was able to play it for a month or so, before i lost my computer and had to dig this old one out of the back of the closet (which in not compatible graphic wise "OpenGL"? to handle this game). Slowly saving up, and could not wait to rejoin the conflicts and battles in this game (now I see it will be for not)..

    While I was waiting - I've been playing Wizard101 (A childish, mock-up of a magic card game like this)
    Wizard101 fails to compare to this game, and I've suggested to many that I ran into in Wizard101 to try this game.
    For Magic the Gathering Tactics is a lot better, even with it's issues....

    Wizard101 seems to be pulling in a huge income with personalized gift cards on the store shelves, their own commercials on TV, even celebrity guest spots coded in as their own animated characters. Currently the company that runs Wizard101 started a new game called Pirate101 which adds a grid like tactical map for battle (much like the one used in this game "though not as good")

    I do not see why a game like Wizard101 is doing so well, when this superior game is struggling. I hope in the next few years Sony re-visits this game, and maybe even build a small story-line Questing 3D world (to find and gather new spells) around this games combat system - somewhat like Wizard101 - except with a little more maturity, better graphics, and like all ways - a way better gaming experience.

    Again, I hope they are closing down, so that they can rebuild this game back up from scratch so that it has a better gaming engine, and maybe even solo questing - and over all come back stronger and better then not only it's previous attempt, but even better then the current popular game Wizard101.

    I even think if you made it with a 2D map like the old Micoprose version of MTG Duels of the Planewalkers - but add your tactical battle concept - you could make a killing.

    Sorry for the rant, but I really like this game and been waiting over a year to play it again, to come to see that I will not be able to - is so diss-heartening ...
  20. Aiden Warren New Member

    I know this probably shouldn't be Questioned.
    But if things was Decided Alternatively, Maybe have another Developers to support the Game.
    but is Unlikely because SOE Games is all through Station Account and Is a different system and would have to do different account system and Account Data Transfer and so on.
    Too much work.

    I never played MTGT Much, But the game really is awesome.

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