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Discussion in 'SOE Live!' started by Steve, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Steve New Member

    10---Make us wait 3 hours in line to register! For that reason alone we should get upgraded expansion!
    09---Only give out 3 drink tickets instead of open bar!
    08---With the knowledge beforehand that 2,000 people were coming, maybe only having 6 bartenders was a bad idea at pool party. 30 minute wait to get a drink. Yeah I got my drink, ok pool party over! Epic Fail!
    07---No hired tattoo guy at pool party! Have always enjoyed that at previous conventions.
    06---Swag gift bag was horrible. Consisted of a program, some advertisements of websites, that was about it.
    05---No wheel to win prizes!
    04---I can only speak for EQ Live quest, but lets jam 100 people in a room the size of a Vegas bathroom.
    03---No real fun or events at pool party. We have a pool, we have a dance floor! Why not have a wacky pool relay race, a dance off at the dance floor. No real organization to make it fun.
    02---Not using our great numbers to book a discounted show to see in Vegas!
    01---Finally, this event is in Planet Hollywood! Did you ever think that maybe , just maybe the event location would give attendees a welcome gambling bonus coupons!
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  2. Steve New Member

    Feel free to hire me to do some negotiations with host site. You pay for my trip I will help you get better organized! Seriously!
  3. Imsuper New Member

    10-If they would have mailed out passes early like they normally do, then there wouldn't have been massive lines on opening day.
    09-While the normal is open bar at pool party, I can fully understand why they went with limited "free" drinks.
    08-The lack of bartenders is a big snafu that I hope they will correct next year.
    07-I don't understand why they didn't have one this year and scratching my head over it.
    06-Swag bag was a bit light compared to other years. I can only assume budget reasons for it.
    05-Last year's wheel was a bit of a disappointment in that they only kept the line open for so long and the line for it was massive.
    04-That was a very bad move on their/the hotels part. We wanted to have 2 groups of our people (Team NCG) in the Live Quest but since the room was majorly cramped, we decided to drop to 1 group to let others have a chance to participate. EQ Mission Creation 1 had 2 rooms worth of space with a lot less people in it than EQ Live Quest had. We could have easily switched rooms and been ok.
    03-PP this year was a bit of a dud. Only saw 3 maybe 4 SOE employees the whole night when they normally roam about to interact with others. The DJ went from 1 extreme to another. Sure, it was great to hear a variety of music for us a bit older folks but really, John Denver with a techno remix? I'll be honest, if PP is going to be like this again, I may make other plans for that night.
    02 and 01. SOE is not responsible for getting us discounts outside the Con nor should they be. It is up to yourself to keep yourself entertained while in Vegas and not in the Con.

    Over all, I think PH was a bust, lack of proper space for events, sharing space with another event, etc. I hope they find a better venue for next year.
  4. Roshen Community Relations

    Thank you for creating this thread. We're definitely looking for constructive feedback so we can continue to improve on the SOE Live experience for our fans.

    Actually, I saw quite a lot of the SOE Employees at the Pool Party. I tried to capture as many of them as possible in the updates I did during this event.

    For reference, Instagram updates can be found:

    Facebook Day 2 pictures can be found in that album. Pool Party pics are at the bottom of the list here:

    How many SOE Employees can you name from these videos and pics?
  5. Steve New Member

    02 and 01. SOE is not responsible for getting us discounts outside the Con nor should they be. It is up to yourself to keep yourself entertained while in Vegas and not in the Con.

    Over all, I think PH was a bust, lack of proper space for events, sharing space with another event, etc. I hope they find a better venue for next year.[/quote]

    Responsibility is not the point. When paying to rent a venue in Vegas, how hard would it be to ask for freebies from the casino that they give to all their guest.

    Thursday is relatively an uneventful day besides registration and keynote. Timeshare sales people buy up a ton of show tickets what I would believe to be at a much discounted rate. I am sure Sony could negotiate a much discounted rate for a 9PM show to a comedy show etc...that can be prepaid when people sign up for Sony Live as a add on like breakfast with devs. Think the response would be overwhelming.
  6. Cheesecakes New Member

    I didn't make a top ten list but here are some suggestions:

    1) More bartenders at the pool party would've been much better.

    Even the bartenders commented to me how swamped they were. The open bar from previous years would be been nice, but I understand their reasons for the change; I'm looking at you, 2012 break your face guy. :rolleyes:

    2) Better structure and organization for some of the events.

    The PS2 tournament, in the future, should be more controlled. I don't think it was a coincidence that the top 3 teams were all of a faction on the public sever that happened to be dominating the continent on that day. Additionally, I noticed that the vast majority of my kills/those who killed me were all in the outfit of another team who was competing at the same time. I mean, it's not hard to watch the live stream and call stuff out to your outfit in game. Next year, maybe you could randomly assign people to a faction to fill in as pubbies on the extra computers, because lord knows the majority of those players were other PS2 people as well. Or, perhaps even make it an individual, class based contest? Granted some of these scenarios might not work, but imho this year it didn't either. There were "rules" such as places you had to report to, that I saw squads blatantly disregard because they were in a nice farm spot. On top of that, I really don't understand how having a live streamed contest on the home server of some of the participating teams is remotely fair.

    The PS2 Live Quest seemed really haphazard to the point that instructions for the events varied depending on what order you went in. It was advertised as laser tag, however, I don't know of any group that actually did that. If you're having problems, didn't get to test it out ahead of time, Higby blew the budget gambling the night before, whatever, that's fine- I get it, but please don't bait and switch it on the participants, be up front about it.

    The above poster, Steve, nailed the EQ Live quest right on the head. It was so cramped in that room! Maybe it would've been better to align the NPCs along the main hallway outside of the ballroom, where there was plenty of space?

    Contests and giveaways during the pool party would have been amazing as well. I was pretty disappointed with the music, but I saw the other thread of people requesting 80's music and I guess I can see why that happened. Regardless, at one point during the evening, the borders of the dance floor were shoulder to shoulder with folks waiting for a good song to get down to. The DJ would oblige, but would go back to some weird remix after that and clear the floor again. If we had a bit more structure than "here are some drink tickets, a weird DJ and some space," I think more people would've stuck around. You could even just give out drink coupons or little bits of station cash if the budget was an issue. It seemed though, that most people showed up, checked it out for a bit and left.

    3) Mailing out the pre-paid passes ahead of time would have been nice. I thought maybe I'd have to show my ID or credit card to receive my pass, but he just asked for my confirmation number and gave it to me. Was the added cost of mailing materials and postage just not worth it?

    4) The prize randomizer was a total flop. Calling out people, in some cases multiple times, who weren't even present was such a waste of time. Why not go back to the golden tickets under the seat? Or better yet, bring back the prize wheel. I realize some people may disagree, but I'd rather have a good chance of winning a small prize than an insignificant chance of winning a huge one.

    5) I really enjoyed the Got Talent? competition and I hope you bring it back again next year. Unfortunately, I didn't even know it was happening until the day of, otherwise I would have participated in it as well.

    6) Did sharing our space with the nuclear health conference seemed really weird to anyone else? I realize that issue is more along the lines of Planet Hollywood wanting to maximize profits, but it was just kinda odd. Perhaps a venue change is in order for next year, and if not, can we at least get some wifi on the conference floor? It seemed pretty ridiculous that people had to leave the room to vote for the Got Talent? folks. Even then, why not change voting to audience volume so that everyone can more easily participate?

    7) As far as discounted tickets to shows, I believe you should be able to contact each hotel individually ahead of time for group rates. Most shows have a minimum amount of tickets to purchase for the discount to apply, so I don't really think it's fair for SOE to have to organize that, when it has nothing to do with SOE Live other than being in the same town.

    8) More content on Sunday or Thursday would be nice. Those almost seemed like wasted days.

    All in all, SOE was a great time, but those were some suggestions that had been milling around in my brain. :)
  7. AuntLou42 Member

    Can you upload the video that was shown at the banquet or all the photos and such?

  8. glormin New Member

    We had lot more people than ever before.. so some things can't help.. like lines... though some could be helped.
    But overall very enjoyable!

    Lines everywhere! series
    1) Pool party bar lines..... definitely could use more bartenders. I had to buy all my 3 drinks all in same time because line was too long and hot.. felt like real dizzy there just standing over 30mins and were not gonna do it 3 times.

    2) Registration lines ... could be helped if badges were mailed.

    3) banquet/ key note lines .. I know it can't be helped. although PH's large room's set up was cool that you could see things very well from anywhere!

    4) EQ Live quest .... done by too small area. too crowded. Title was Plane of Parody. I was expecting quests were related to Planes of Power guess it was not. I like it better when there's a storyline, like each quest is a step of one quest to complete. it makes more fun
    (an example = you start out a quest to find lost gnome(as typical). you go through each quest to gather clue(maybe can get keyword after completing quest), at end you put together clues and find lost gnome. Point system is just fine for each quests.)

    5) Badge ... I wish add one more line for guild name. I love to read various guild names for fun. really.. some are funny!

    6) Drink tickets least could they give out bottled water free? they take ticket for it from our 3 tickets :(
    Not cool.

    7) Please please don't have EQ and EQ2 A & Q panel in same time? urrrg. when you play both games..><

    8) Lot of tormenting of choosing panels...related as above.. I was very interested in EQNext. but EQ is my main game currently, so lot of things I missed. Maybe consider as games expanding, need to extend days of convention.

    8) This is not SOE's fault, Although convention area was awesome, I'm alot disappointed by Planet Hollywood.
    For one, We've been at pool few times before pool party. It was filthy. I found cans, cups in pool, side tables seemed never wiped. even lifeguards agreed on area being dirty. They should least someone clean pool area once in a while.

    Those are some of my suggestions. Thanks!
  9. Kela New Member

    I was going to respond to the points but I figured whats the point. Though I do have to say I didn't lack for drink tickets both me and my 2 friends ended up with like 7 each plus we had like 12 or so left over from people randomly giving us some, and that was after the only one of use with extras at the start gave away hers.

    That said, they SHOULD of had water available(in the form of the coolers around the convention hall) at the party, just doing that would help to stop some of the issues they had last year with people getting over drunk. Dehydration + Alcohol + Hot Dry Weather = drunk much easier on much fewer drinks.

    As for devs at the pool party, you kinda need to walk around and mingle...and know what they look like without the dev shirt. I saw almost every dev I know that was in attendance this year, at the pool party, and talked at least briefly with most of them.

    As for scheduling of the Panels, unfortunately with multiple games and only a few hours each day available they have to put popular panels against each other. Heck in some years they actually had to put two panels for the SAME GAME against each other.

    As for the lines, with 2k attendees lines are inevitable, and kinda a fixture of SOELive/Fan Faire to the point where many a friendship was started in said lines. Talk to the fellows in line next to you the time goes much faster that way. BTW, this is coming from someone who actually starts camping the line 2hrs ahead of time to get the front.

    One of the main issues I had though was the amount of noise in the lounge area. That I think could be fixed (if we goto PH again next year) by putting something up between the columns in front of the reg desk to keep the sound from the games from crashing into the sound from the casino.

    Also a cell repeater or Wi-fi in the Convention area should be added as well.

    Vegas was more or less booked solid this year for conventions so its kinda hard to demand things when the guy behind you in line for the same space isn't. Also for the most part the off-site things they have done in previous years really where not all that popular with that plus the cost could be why they didn't do it. As for the Swag bags yes they where pitiful and I would like to know the reason why they where so, cause I can't believe a Slap Bracelet, a Stylus, and some hand sanitizer was all they planed on giving out originally. Though if the poster wasn't a stretch reward (which it was then IMO that would have been enough swag).

    One problem I did have with the lines though was no control over them, until they where already unwieldy.

    At Welcome Reception the people who where at the FRONT of the line about an hour before the show started (100-150 people in line at the time), ended up in the back because SOE changed the door we go though, after telling us what door to line up at and instead of backing us up just turned the line around.

    At the Buffet there was no line control until about 45 minutes after people started lining up causing a similar issue with having to keep changing the front of the line.

    Honestly, they should know by now that the lines start AT LEAST 2 hours before the event and should have some form of information posted on where to start it before then, I don't expect them to monitor the lines at that point as only the most insane (like myself) line up that early and most of the attendees when told where to line up do it well and in an obstructive way at least until the rest of the line holders group shows up, but by then its only like an hour before the event. My solution to that is please have a few ropes and signs up 3 or more hours before the event so we know where to start the line and how to stay out of the way.
  10. DES Mono New Member

    I really didn't have any negative points. After reading it though, it did remind me...

    I agree that there should have been more water coolers. I was in the opening keynote and simply wanted water, didn't care if it was tap, just needed some. They didn't have anything for free, only $4.00 for a bottle. So I went with out drinking it, which isn't smart for me to do, but that's on my own accord.

    That's it! Sounds like a solid record to me. Long Reg lines? Used to it....

    Oh wait, I have one, but it has nothing to do with SOE. This has to do with Everquest Attendees. I don't want to start a war, because I met quite a few that were friendly with me; however, if I introduce myself and we are in a converstation, when I mention that I haven't played EQ but play Planetside or WoW in the past, don't just simply turn away from me or walk away. Literally five people did this to me and a friend as soon as that was stated. What is the deal? Like I said, there were just as many friendly people that were willing to talk to us, but I was surprised that five people did this.

    That's all I have to say.
  11. Steve New Member

    Number 11----Giving a blind guy who took third in talent contest gaming goggles?
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  12. Ghordon New Member

    Mailing or even opening the registration earlier!

    The badge needs to be organized better. Use a large emblem on the badge for the game registered... Server twice as large as anything else. When looking for other players you look for 1) Game 2) Server 3) name

    I enjoyed PH it was great .. the other conference was dumb they should have been roped off.
    I Like three tickets! don't need drunks faceplanting again :) and they had 4 bars open with three bartenders actually.

    RAZOR you screwed up big time.. how many keyboards and mice you could have sold! Let me in charge of Vendors next year I will fill that space... Seriously I would be able to have vendors everywhere!

    Seriously guys do you not know your average players?
    All the older online games having POLO shirts was awesome .. but little secret we are a tad bigger . You had no X large or 2x large shirts?
    MOUSE PADS for NEXT for sale should have been mandatory...... would have kept reminding us about the game! and those journals should have been in the swag bag for everyone to take notes
    NO INGAME SWAG? Yeah was scratching my head why no in game swag this year? what?

    Understand lines but use your guides to control the lines. have the devs walk the lines.. entertain entertain!

    Overall was incredible having unlimited access to DEVS and meeting David Georgeson and Holly etc etc I mean actually meeting and discussing the game was the highlight. I have been with the game EQ and EQ2 along with Planetside 2 many years and that alone was worth the admission to me.

  13. Ghordon New Member

    Actually talked to him he isn't blind but very limited vision... But yes someone in the back should have swapped it before handing it to him
  14. nutterbaby88 New Member

    Yeah, that completely blew me away.
  15. Ylyrra-TP New Member

    ** Randomizer prize giveaway: Instead of using ALL registrants for the pool of names for the randomizer, feed the line of people entering through 3 sets of doors with 2 people on each set of doors (6 total) scanning the badges, then feed THOSE names into the randomizer. It would pretty much guarantee the name called is someone present (unless they were indisposed momentarily). Seeing some really great prizes go to people who lied / bluffed their way to them was a bit demoralizing.

    ** Agree with the EQ Live Quest comments - big fail.

    ** Pool Party 3 drink limit: I was initially concerned about this, but it seemed to work out in the end. I really had more fun this year than in years past and was less inebriated. Would agree with providing bottled water / soft drinks for free though.

    ** Lines: While I see some say that lines have become an accepted part of SOE Live / Fan Faire, I question why should it just be accepted? I have attended for several years now and the lines only seem to get worse. Considering it's a side effect of attendance, that is great. But could it be managed better? Please, let us register in groups and have SOE assign us tables together so those of us who travel in large numbers don't HAVE to wait in line to be able to sit with our friends / guildmates. We are not asking to be at the front of the room, just together. In a room like we had in PH this year, with easily viewed screens from any point in the room, being in the front or back or side doesn't matter.

    ** Ending the Twitch feed before the end of the EQ Death Death Death tournament: Eternal Sovereign had several guildies and family members that couldn't attend watching via Twitch and they were disappointed that they didn't get to see all of the competition.

    Things done well:
    ** Player got talent: Love love loved this! I didn't have any issues tweeting my vote inside the room, so I cannot comment on those that did. (Seriously would attend an Orrinex SOE-themed concert next year - I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe.)

    ** Giving us panels to attend on Sunday. Typically, I don't leave until Monday, so having something to do on Sunday was nice. I recognize the hardship it placed on the devs / staff at those panels to not be able to leave early to get back to SD, and want to say thanks. :)

    ** Mark Tuttle as emcee. He's hilarious!

    All in all, as usual, I had a fabulous time. Thanks!

    Eternal Sovereign
  16. Amnerys Community Relations

    Just wanted to pop in here and apologize for the EQ Live Quest. We were the first LQ this weekend, and I had been told we couldn't spread outside of the room, so we tried to do the best we could. I was not at all happy with this, but just following the orders I heard. Later found out that the message got garbled along the way and we could have used hall space. Argh! Next year (if we're back at PH) we'll know. Originally we had a much larger room booked and that got changed last minute.

    As for the story progression... I'm totally open to ideas. The problem with a story is making it work so there's not an order. If there's an order, the entire player group gets bottlenecked behind the first group. I've also thought about asking our awesome Guides to take a stab at writing up something. Live Quests are fun to assemble, but Community Managers often run out of time to give them all the polish and awesomeness we'd like to. In fact... I think I might just stop by their area and ask them to start thinking of ideas now. :)

    Thanks for your continued feedback!
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  17. Ashlanne Community Relations Project Manager

    I am not sure why you think this. I pulled this from the FAQ:

    Will attendees receive in-game items this year?
    Of course! Anyone who registers for a badge will receive an in-game item for games registered to their account. However, we cannot grant your item without your proper information, so please make sure to enter your STATION ID, correct email address and primary game when you register for your badge!
    EverQuest In-game items (2): Contract of the Shiliskin plus the Globe of Remembrance
    • The Contract of Shiliskin allows for hiring of Shiliskin mercenaries

    EverQuest II In-game item: Mindbender Talid - Mercenary
    • An Illithid mercenary who is a caster hybrid that heals power

    DC Universe Online In-game item: Vegas Sign Base Item

    • More details coming soon!

    PlanetSide 2 In-Game Items: High Roller Camo Set, Full House Camo Set

    • On Auraxis camouflage may be used for a tactical advantage, but in Vegas it's all about keeping it classy. Get the best of both worlds with these stylish camo sets, which include armor, vehicle and weapon camos.

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes In-game item: Frozen Phoenix Egg

    • This item summons Algid, a rare and powerful ice phoenix flying mount

    Pox Nora In-game item: Two (2) exclusive (non-tradable) exotics from the latest expansion (random)* and one (1) Free Theme Deck (random)*
    • *Allow 2-3 weeks after SOE Live to receive content. Random = 1 of 5 current theme decks (FW-Bonesaw, SP-Winged Terror, IS-Savagery, FS-Neuromancy, KF-Elvan Valor)

    Legends of Norrath In-game item: Exclusive Motion Card
    • An SOE Live 2013 exclusive motion version of a card from the upcoming Set 16

    Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures In-game item: Details coming soon!

    Free Realms In-game item: The SOE Live Parachute

    Dragon's Prophet: A tamable Dragon

    Wizardry Online: The SOE Live Cloak
  18. HalasRadar Member

    Did Planet Hollywood really ask four dollars for a water bottle?
  19. Crystilla Community Council

    Yes :( $4 for water or soda, didn't matter. And the bottle was pretty small.
  20. Ding New Member

    The $4 water was bad but what got me was that Friday they were charging $20+ to ship the poster tubes. By Monday it was over $40. You could walk over to Paris and ship it for less than $10.

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