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Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussion' started by Escad, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Escad New Member

    Hi all, I'm very happy vanguard gets his deserved second chance.
    I just came back to the game and I'm really enjoying it but I have a few questions:

    When you get on an elevator with your group you see every single member flackeringnaround, will you ever fix this?
    When I shoot with my bow I still don't see a string animation (pull the string)
    What's about the legendary berserker and inquisitor class you promised us 6 years ago? :D
    The good ol loot bug which blocks the loot is still there to.
    No sidestep animations for mounts,mint looks always like I'm hovering over the ground when I strife left or right :)

    I will add more later on :p
  2. Sinisna Active Member

    All these changes would be very welcome, but the loot and elevator bugs should be a priority!
  3. TLoch Developer

    I'm unfamiliar with the loot bug. Can you explain in greater detail?
  4. Nejibana Active Member

    the 'loot bug' occurs when more than one person in the group tries to loot a corpse at the same time. it breaks the loot rolling option and the group leader needs to /groupc to get the random window to show up again.
  5. Kilsin Well-Known Member

    Further adding to what Neji said, if a Group or Raid have random loot set to be rolled on and some members time out and do not hit "Need", Greed" or "Pass" before the time is up, the loot can bug out in the same way and render it unobtainable until a /groupc is done, sometimes that still doesn't fix it and loot is locked on a corpse and no one has permission to touch it and this happens a lot.

    Trash loot no one cares about obviously and they usually move on leaving it there on the corpse, decent loot however will be petitioned for and you have a 50/50 chance of a GM allowing you to get the loot depending on what it is.

    I think it may also be linked to the raid bug where is players are invited into raid while chunking or out of chunk they start to see all kinda of things happening like 7+ players in a raid group, half HP bars, dead players, players named corpse and so on...this can also bug loot in the same way as stated above.
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  6. Sinisna Active Member

    To make things worse, sometimes you will neither be able to use the riftway, nor log out, as it will tell you that you cannot do that while loot is in progress (or something similar, I forget the exact wording). Since even /endloot does not fix that, the only way for you to be able to rift again is to go kill something and loot it, or exit the game.
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  7. anathema Member

    I have been having what may be a related problem with Necropsy. On occasion, I think if I am slightly too far from a corpse when I use it, the loot window will open but I will be unable to actually loot the item. I believe it says that I do not have permission to do so. After that happens even if I stand on the corpse with the window still open I cannot loot from it.
  8. Shal Active Member

    i can reproduce this 100%: if you try to loot a tombstone that isn't yours, you will be bugged. happens a lot when i try to drag tombstones around.
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  9. Sinisna Active Member

    I did not know that was causing it. Thanks for sharing Shal!
  10. Felis Domesticus Active Member

    Elevators also randomly turn ethereal when you jump to them while they are moving. I bet that whole Khegor's End laughed at my char when I last jumped to elevator coming up, fell straight through it and splat to floor moments later.
  11. Shal Active Member

    np. of course no can explain why/how bug reports don't reach the devs. honestly, i think these guys have found their way into telon and found better things than underpants

  12. Alliera Member

    Loot bug is when your grouped in group normall have loot set to random for drops, then the rarity and coin split on ok?

    Then all the sudden in middle of chain pulls you kill a Boss aka named and their good drops on boss and none can loot it even the leader.

    So have to switch leaders in middle of this reset loot, sometimes log out its pain in the ***, sometimes then you can loot the mob, sometimes you cant.

    Its all random when group loot will lock everyone out even the group leader from the loot what is worse is when its some rare as hell drop and non can loot it.
  13. Shal Active Member

    in those cases, you can petition a gm.
  14. Violet Active Member

    Please either remove "X" button from loot rolling options, or even better make it count as "PASS", so there will be less waiting and less bugs with loot.
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  15. Himminy Active Member

    While you're looking at the loot code...

    can you make it so loot queues up...PLEASE?!

    Standing around waiting on people to loot the mobs is such a pain, especially if one player closes out the loot window (which SHOULD, as vilot asks, be auto pass for all the loot from there on out, but it isnt, we have to wait for the timer to tick away every new roll, even though they no longer have a loot window or even know about loot going on) or isn't paying attention (like idk killing mobs...).
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  16. Escad New Member

    I promised more would come and here it is :)

    Every time I change a chunk my screen becomes brighter until I /flush it, anything you can do against that?
    When I jump with some mounts they just lack a real jump animation, I jump and they keep walking in the air, looks pretty poor..

    I will post more things, it's not over yet ;)
  17. Kalipto Member

    Yes PLEASE! I'm not all about speed and proficiency, I'm more about enjoying myself. But when someone goes AFK and it takes minutes to roll on 3 pieces of gear from one kill, I get sort of annoyed. Specially when you're going through mobs some-what quickly but the whole pace is slowed down by having to wait for really slow rollers just to get to the next item.
  18. Nayzle New Member

    Encountered this loot bug last night, in Khegors dungeon...once the loot locked up we couldnt roll on anymore loot after that...actually lost a nice diplomacy rare card that dropped :( and some other stuff. Once we switch backed to FFA then the loot problem was fixed...it was just hard to get any loot then, hehe.

    I vote for a loot que for rolled items and a fix to the loot bug...Its incredibly annoying and frustrating whne not even the party leader can loot a boss :(. Even if the loot is switched to FFA then, you still can loot the boss because the FFA doesnt apply until the next kill.

    If a loot que could be implemented, something like the encounter list, that would be awsome!

    Also an option/button to toggle the loot roll window on or off incase you close it accidently if there is loot to roll on.

    Help appreciated Devs! Thanks
  19. Jakkal Well-Known Member

    For any new players that are running into this issue, just have the group leader type /groupc . It will stop the rolling bug and allow anyone to loot the bugged corpse. Hopefully you can trust your groupmates.

    If you do miss loot, you can petition about it. Hopefully the GMs can give it to you.

    But yes, loot queuing would be nice.
  20. Himminy Active Member

    I would just like to reinforce what Jakkal said, and also add that you must be out of combat in order for it to work.

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