Double Experience August 30, 2013 to September 1, 2013

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Piestro Active Member

    Hey folks,

    We'll be starting Double Experience at noon* Pacific on Friday, August 30, 2013 and lasting until 11:59pm Pacific on September 1, 2013. As an additional bonus Double Faction will also be enabled at the same time.


    *Convert to your local time
  2. TheFM Member

    OHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Alliera Member


    Do you think you or someone else can place the double exp weekend hyperlink on the front page of vanguard website, we get so little news compared to everquest and everquest 2 maybe more old and new players will read it about this weekend the double exp.

    So more players sign up for Gold or all access and spend money in the store!

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  4. Piestro Active Member

    I'll be hitting facebook and twitter shortly. The forums should feed the launcher now so it should be showing up there as well.
  5. Claviarm Active Member

    Running a bit late? We're all tingly with anticipation.
  6. Piestro Active Member

    It should have been turned on a couple hours ago (my announcements tend to be on the conservative side), I'll check in.
  7. TheFM Member


  8. Piestro Active Member

    It's fixed. :) Enjoy!
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  9. Claviarm Active Member

    Props on the quick response.
  10. Enkur Well-Known Member

    Double XP across all three spheres?
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  11. Tade New Member

    Would be nice to extend it til Labor day on Monday since a lot of people have off ;)
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  12. Xull New Member

    ^ I agree. EQ and EQ2 is going on until Monday at Midnight. Oh well.
  13. Josh Active Member

    Yeah would have been nice - alas the poor step child gets the shaft again - at least we got a pittance this time - haven't gotten one in a very long time
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  14. Piestro Active Member

    It probably lasted through Monday, Unfortunately everyone was gone for the long weekend by the time I got around to posting. I figured I'd play it safe.
  15. Tinqu Active Member

    Nope.. it appears it stopped working about 1030 am EST. But hey not complaining.. better than not getting it at all!
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  16. Alimora Well-Known Member

    Yeah was very happy to see a double exp weekend once again :)
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