Game Update Notes, May 23rd, 2013

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    Here's an early snapshot of what's coming tomorrow.

    Patch Notes for May 23rd, 2013
    · Fixed a crash bug where players using a short year format on their machines would crash when using /time.
    · Fixed an issue where some non-merchant NPCs would have a merchant icon when hovering the mouse over them.

    · Old Targonor
    o New NPC’s have been added to the Arhklight Abbey in Old Targonor. Headed up by High Inquisitor Athis of the Sages Arcane, they’ve arrived to investigate the current activity amongst the undead. The High Inquisitor believes there may be a sinister connection between New Targonor and the old, and she’s seeking help with her research. Adventurers interested in helping Athis and her friends will find themselves delving into the subterranean levels of the Old Targonor Keep.
    § The Old Targonor Keep is intended for groups of adventurers level 53+
    § All of the previously existing NPC’s have had a level increase and new abilities added to them.
    § 16 boss encounters have new abilities and upgraded itemization.
    § New armor quests and repeatable tasks have been added as well as a new story arc exploring part of Targonor’s past.
    § A new 24-man raid encounter awaits adventurers that complete the story progression quests.

    · Summer Kick-Off Sale
    o Check out the hottest sale just in time for your summer!
    · Reattached Sedge Hat graphic to the Disciple Tier 3 helm.

    · Fixed a typo on the Paladin ability Fury of Valus. The ability stated that the ability would last 16 seconds instead of the intended 12.

    · None
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