Game Update Summary - December 10, 2013

Discussion in 'Game Update Notes' started by Wigin, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Wigin Developer

    • Class Buffs for many classes have been reworked to function as Best Buff Only. Casting either the APW or POTA buffs will convert your old buffs into the new buffs but macros may need to be rewritten. Lower Level Buffs can be learned from your trainer.
    • POTA Set bonus's will no longer put characters into combat briefly when equipped
    • Item Attachments (also known as Enhancements or Augments) are now unique per item. Equipment currently augmented with duplicate augments will not be affected, however, new duplicate augments will not be allowed.
    • Character loading and saving has seen intense optimization. On the front end, there should be very little noticeable difference, except a large reduction in lag spikes on the server.
    • Character buff management has seen intense optimization. Aside from the Best Buff Only design changes, there should be little to no functionality change on the front end.
    • Corpse loading and saving has been dramatically optimized.
    • KDQ forces guarding Mekalia have been routed. Gnomish Regulars mounted on new Clockwork Dragons have taken up the call and now protect Telon from the Deep Dwarves. Those wishing to support the Mekalian Regulars can purchase a brand new Clockwork Wyrm on the Marketplace.
    • When players attempt to cancel a buff that cannot be cancelled, they will receive a chat error message informing them of such.
    • Fixed several bugs related to movement speed.
    • Charging spells will now slow the caster to walking speed.
    • All pets now cross chunklines and move through riftways.
    • Players will now not get stuck unable to log into the game after closing their client or crashing.
    • Calculated Statistic bonuses from Attributes now work under a new formula and are no longer capped at 990.
    • Health and Energy bonuses from Constitution and Wisdom (respectively) are no longer soft-capped. Formulas determining those bonuses have not changed.
    • Fixed a bug on the client, where it was reporting Ranged Damage Bonus from Dexterity much higher than the real value on the server.
    Known Issues
    Factions appear to have been reset
    Guild Char is down
    Necromancer were not properly given Mass Favor of the Deathdealer
    Shaman Tuurgin Buff is going to the general tab instead of the Adventuring tab
    " is being saved as ' in macros.
  2. Adaven Griddlebone New Member

    So, we can still have multiple buffs from multiple classes, I take it? Also, many equipped effects are not working. Thank you for your diligence in streamlining the game.
  3. Xeniar New Member

    My buffs seem to be stacking, the old ones that I will no longer be able to cast and the new all in one buff
  4. Jakkal Well-Known Member

    How will you do the 51+ spells? Titanic Reverence is still on the trainer. Do people need to get that and click it to learn Mass Titanic Reverence? Not sure if this was overlooked or if people can learn the mass version from the regular trainer.
  5. TheFM Member

    All my weapons and harvesting items have +something weapon dmg that wasnt there before
  6. Dinjoc Member

    They're working, the icon is just no longer visible. And if something is definitely broken, you'll probably need to say which one specifically since it might only be that EE.

    Couple issues so far:
    No Scaling Talisman of the Grove for druids.
    No Mass Favor of the Deathdealer for necros.
  7. TheFM Member

    Also can you BM pet drops when you get on a sure thats suppose to be that way or not
  8. Wigin Developer

    Equipped effects have been set to not display but they should still work.
  9. dzirlion Member

    Is there any reason to why set to not display? To be honest i really like to see what i have or not have!
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  10. goobacka Member

    yes what he said time 1 million
    also could you elaborate on the augs does it meen i cannot put two twighlights in my gear i have to use a different aug in the socket
    also it apears the mass bear shammy buff does not have the 10% mellee damage is this intentional
  11. Jakkal Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to get Scaling Cleric or Psi buffs. Checked general tab and trainers.

    Edit: Oop, nevermind, didn't see that we had to use the level 50 all-in-one for it.

    Also Wigin, yall better release that mount you're sitting on, cuz that's awesome.

    Edit: OMG that's in the cash shop!
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  12. Zakell Member

    Can't stay online for more then 10-15 mins without the chunk crashing. Is this a new feature?
  13. Isoel Active Member

    Please be more specific with this: "Item Attachments (also known as Enhancements or Augments) are now unique per item. Equipment currently augmented with duplicate augments will not be affected, however, new duplicate augments will not be allowed"

    So are you saying if a caster has a wand, with a rune slot, and they'd like to put a socketed Rune of Mystical Dominance in that space they can, but not with another Rune of Mystical Dominance inside it? They would need to place something else inside the socketed space correct? I'm trying to put this out in layman's terms so there's no questions/possible misunderstanding.

    A good friend explained this would be for a weapon that had say two rune slots, that you wouldn't be able to put two socketed RoE's, with RoE's inside, is this correct?

    I second the question on 51+ crafted spells. Will crafters still be needed to make these, or we losing yet another avenue of earning?

    "Charging spells will now slow the caster to walking speed" , why, and for those who don't like it go ahead and bash away, are you guys actively trying to kill any use of Fire Pummel for sorcs? I'm just wondering with the amount of time someone spends in KDQ to get to 20k faction, and gathering collects EVEN WITH KITING it takes a long time. So are you trying to drag out the happy wonderful KDQ grind even more? I'm just curious why it's such a problem for sorcs to be able to kite. They aren't the only class that is a viable kiter, so I'm baffled as to why they're getting the shaft for it over and over and over.

    & lastly I think you'll find a LOT of players agree with Dzirlion, with many pieces of gear (COB helm) that bugs out on death, rifting, chunking ect, being able to see which EE you have or not is helpful.

    P.S. I put " because the REPLY function on the forum no longer works!
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  14. Dinjoc Member

    Here's an annoying byproduct of today's patch.....Any new macro you make changes the " to a ' when you log out, rendering the macro completely useless if you have weapon or ability names in it.
  15. Xeniar New Member

    Ok i see, its the group buffs that don't stack.
  16. dzirlion Member

    So what? It bugs out all time. At least i wanna see if it does or not. Maybe i missed the "why" but maybe you could enlight please me Goobacka?
  17. dzirlion Member

    *While you at it sorting things out and get it right please have a look into Misshappen Band from Memati and Turtle Scaleband from Sparkles. Both EE's telling something about adding additional attacks but theres non in combat logs about any more attacks/damage. I dont think its doing any damage at all extra.
    *Monks pota 5 piece Bonus not appearing. For me its strange that its an EE-like bonus from wearing 5 pieces of Armor getting bugged out due to faction failure. Why should an EE be faction rated?
  18. Shal Active Member

    because the pota ee's are related to how far you've progressed factionwise
  19. goobacka Member

    no i was agreeing with you i want to see what my EE are on my buff bar .....i was saying i agree with you x a million for the added drama lol
  20. dzirlion Member

    Hahha...classic misunderstanding :DDD

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