Game Update - Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @6:00 AM PDT

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Piestro Active Member


    We will bring the Telon server offline on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 6:00 a.m. PDT* (San Diego time) for a major Game Update. Estimated downtime is 12 hours.

    *Convert to your local time
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  2. Piestro Active Member

    Hey folks, I wanted to elaborate a little more on why this downtime has such a long time associated with it. With this update we will be performing the database performance improvements that we rolled out to the test server several weeks ago. We've purposely given a long estimate and hope to be up much quicker, but it's a complicated procedure so we want to make absolutely sure we take the time to get it right. With this update Primary Stats will be uncapped and you'll get the ability changes for Best Buff Only.

    After the patch we will be testing the performance of the servers, please post in this thread if you see anything odd. We'll be watching here as well as monitoring the servers directly. Once we are happy everything is functioning exactly as intended, we'll be moving to patch out the first wing of the Cave of Wonders. Hopefully we'll release this next week, so you can have it for the holidays.

    Thank you for your patience,
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  3. iamme Active Member

    where is the maybe like this button? hehe
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  4. Lavyndar Well-Known Member

    Next week is the last week before xmas. Are you going to be fixing and patching all the inevitable broken stuff before xmas?
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  5. dzirlion Member

    There will be broken stuff? Having bad experiences o_O?
    There are no bugs! Just features :D
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  6. Ahnrai New Member

    In that case, I wonder what the Feature of the Month(TM) will be this time :p
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  7. Chipn Member

    Well now, I stay positive that all will be well with the DB patch. Wigin and Tl are working countless hours to get CoW right before release. Would be great to have it for the holidays to kick around. Gonna have to agree with Iamme on where is the maybe button.

    Good Luck on the roll out and look forward to checking it out this evening.
  8. Takamoro Member

    I'm with Chipn on this. I'll stay positive that the DB changes and BBO rollout will only have minor tweaks needed. Saying they'll try to roll out CoW1 by the holidays however is doomed to fall short unless there have been changes we're not aware of. What about the effects system for Special slots? I'm sure that will take forever in testing. How about the severe lack of Energy and HP on CoW gear? There's still been absolutely zero testing done in regards to CoW entrance quests, near enough testing done in the crafting system or creation changes - and not a SINGLE raid performed that could be considered anything more than a clown car of bugs.

    I understand you trying to keep the veterans hopes alive - but more than a handful of us have seen the ship sail and will wait patiently on a distant island until we're sure it's not sunk.
  9. EustaceMossbrow New Member

    So long as the gnomes aren't trying anything shifty.....this dwarf's excited. Cave of Wonders? Wonder what there could be? Rest assured, I'll be there!!!:D
  10. Felis Domesticus Active Member

    Does anyone have up to date Best Buff Only chart?
  11. Micstruth Active Member

    Wow, 12 hours. Got kid out of school early so we could game this afternoon as soon as the wife gets off work. I hope there is no problems and it comes up sooner, But I have been here since launch and know this game better than that. Good Luck Devs. At 12 hours that is 9 PM for us here and time for the kid to get back to bed for school in the morning.
  12. TLoch Developer

    I mean they might be doing something shifty. The Dark Elves might take offense, anyway.
  13. Piestro Active Member

    We anticipate there will potentially be a need for hotfixes or patching. This will determine our rollout speed for now. We have hopes, but pushing things too fast would be bad.
  14. Konnichi New Member

    I planned on getting my leatherworking up to 46 today. Thanks for giving me a legit reason to put it off yet again ;)
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  15. Lavyndar Well-Known Member

    That's my point, really. You have just about enough time to get things stable after the BBO patch, but not for CoW as well. Whilst everyone wants CoW to go live, we also want to be able to actually play the game over christmas without having to swear at it constantly.

    I seem to remember there being a lot of resentment last year after some bad pre-christmas patches and bugs being left to fester over christmas. It would be a shame for that to happen again.
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  16. Exmortis Well-Known Member

    I for one have high hopes for the performance ops. I mean the mobs are skinned and looted before dieing on my screens hehe.

    I am sure it would be great for players to get a taste of CoW over the holidays, but I do agree with most here, better to wait than leave us over holidays with borked content that ends up in a huge exploit thats not rolled back or fixed in due time.

    Besides there is a crafter in this post that needs extra time to level up, since you took it away from him today. So by not releasing CoW, crafters will level!!!
  17. Wigin Developer

    Servers have been unlocked.
  18. Micstruth Active Member

    But do they work?
  19. TheFM Member

    Ok Logged In
    -No guild chat ( relogged still no guild chat)
    -SOD quests are not aval after a turn in
  20. Lonefeather New Member

    -Also no guild chat.
    -55 ranger can no longer cast all-in-once buff Favor of the Swift. Red text message in chat says I don't have that ability. This needs to be fixed immediately!
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