How do you attach gems, primals, etc. ?

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    So log in and send Stabbass a tell?
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    You could but not sure Stabbass would work...
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    Another note on the lorestones is that they ignore the stat cap. ( supposedly)
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    I haven't been able to find much information on the gem slots/gems. I have some gear with ethereal (?) and some other slot, but have no clue where to get gems for them. I got a gem from a KDQ crate the other day. Not sure what slot that would be for though.

    Anyone have a link to a primer on the types of slots and gems etc??
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    Etherence, Primal, Gem, Rune, Imbued, Infuse and Soul are all different type of augments or enhancements that go in armor/weapons. The enhancement in question will say whether it is a Etherence, Primal, Rune, etc. They go into corresponding slots on gear. So if you have an Etherence enhancement, it will only go into a piece of gear/weapon with an Etherence Slot.

    They drop in random 50+ places throughout Telon form trash mobs. Mostly they drop from Shores of Darkness, Shimmering Shallows, Sea of Kojan, Bridge of Destiny, Forgotten Peninsula and Troll Coast.
  6. Boox Active Member

    Thanks. That's what I needed to know. I got confused because the augment I have is "Gem of X", so I just assumed gem meant, well, gem. Not a type of slot.
  7. A couple of other random point I don't think were mentioned above:

    Only an orange augment can be "socketed". This means you take something like a +3 Vit primal, and add a "socket" to it, so you can then add a SECOND primal to that augment BEFORE you put it into your gear. This combine is done by a 51+ crafter who has done the Genesis questline to get the recipe, and requires a reagent that costs 50 gold to buy + the appropriate T6 UR resource. Smiths do runes, outfitters do infuses, and artificer's do the rest (primal, etherance and gems). Note, you can't socket the raid dropped/quested augments, just the simple ones that can drop from any high level trash mob (albeit rarely).

    -- Obviously the reason you want to do this is to essentially double the number of slots you have available in your gear. So in part, that's why an orange +3 vit primal will cost a lot more $$ on the exchange than a +2 yellow vit primal. Yeah, +1 by itself isn't a lot, but that orange augment can have a slot put into it.

    -- Be aware that removing an augment from your gear (safely) ie without destroying it, will run you 30-50 gold per augment, so consider that before adding it to a piece of lower level gear you're planning to replace soon

    -- Be aware that removing an augment safely from another augment (ie one that's been put into a socketed augment) will require a solvent that runs 75 gold on the vendor (or alternatively, lots of cash from the marketplace). And you cannot remove an augment from another socketed augment unless it's out of your gear first.

    -- Bottom line of all these caveats is to make sure you think about what you're putting in your gear (and whether you plan to keep it long term) before you decide to add it. A lot of people will just throw the random yellow con augment in gear as a placeholder until they get better upgrades, then pay 50 silver or so to destroy the old augment and replace it with the good one(s) when they find them.

    To get an idea of how expensive all these augment swaps can be, I ended up spending about 4 plat or so last week removing my augments from 2 pieces of gear and putting them into gear upgrades I just got. So you've been warned. :D
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