Is Vanguard getting its subscriber benefits nerfed as well?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussion' started by Balsbigbrother, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Balsbigbrother New Member

    HI all,

    Has anyone heard anything about Vanguard getting its 500 station cash per month removed. I ask as EQ2 and also Planetside 2 have had theirs taken away, see Here and Here. The change is basically SOE have removed the 500 SC per month and instead you can purchase a single item up to the value of 2000 station cash. It must be used each month as it does not roll over or accumulate.

    Now this might sound like a good thing but for people who purchase lots of low cost items, which I tend to do in EQ2 its a real kick in the teeth and represents a loss in benefits rather than any sort of gain.

    Now I only subbed to Vanguard recently mostly thanks to the discounted membership that tempted me but the 500 extra station cash was a tipping point also and it would really really suck if that went away.
  2. Glenzig Well-Known Member

    I for one would be all for that change. 2k to spend each month instead of 500. Sounds good to me. And yes I understand that it is a one purchase amount and does not roll over. I typically won't spend my sc for months at a time anyway, so to me it wouldn't make a difference. It makes perfect sense from a business standpoint too, since the larger purchases are not what fuels the economy, its the micro transactions. So no, I would have no problem with this.
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  3. Pixeltrix New Member

    Same! A mount or a ship every month! Instead of every 3+ months! WHO WOULD SAY NO? :D
  4. Exmortis Well-Known Member

    Doesnt sound like a nerf to me, and not so bad of a change, I now have to wait months to buy anything useful with my SC, I welcome this change, and see it is an upgrade in point of fact.
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  5. Leavwiz Well-Known Member

    according to official sources, VG is not losing its 500sc per month for gold accounts. The proposal only affects the games listed and all access pass users. As to the discussion about getting a "free item" in lieu of the 500sc the biggest issue seems to revolve around getting something you don't need vs being able to choose something of actual value to you as a player. As someone pointed out on another forum, getting an unlocker that cost less than 500sc would not be appreciated as much as a mount that costs 2000 sc. since VG isn't affected at this time, though, it is a good time to post your thoughts in the event it does happen.
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  6. Raithskar Member

    Being the fickle player that I am, all I have spent my "free" gold membership monthly station cash on thus far is a few race or name changes for various characters. :)

    None of my characters have a flying mount thus far, as I found that they ruined the leveling play experience back in my now-regrettable WoW playing days (I never should have left DAoC), so I am hesitant about getting them in Vanguard for any of my characters - plus I bounce around between so many different characters/classes, instead of focusing on just one or two.
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  7. Yaviey Vanguard Community Manager & Wiki Project Manager

    Just to chime in here, no Vanguard is not losing its 500 Station Cash grant per month for Gold memberships. Please do feel free to share your feedback on this though and we'll forward it along to the team. Thanks everyone!
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  8. Glenzig Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of the 2k one purchase per month thing. It may be just me, but this would fit my playstyle just right. But if it is like Leavwiz says, then my vote would be a resounding NO. I would still want to be able to choose my item. Pre-assigned rewards usually end up being not very rewarding.
  9. mscdn2 New Member

    Well according to the EQ2 forum moderator the 500SC is being removed from the all-access pass and Vanguard is part of that and so far I have not read anything about a compensation for Vanguard for all-access users. Did you guys forget that Vanguard is a part of the all-access package?
  10. Yaviey Vanguard Community Manager & Wiki Project Manager

    Once again, Vanguard Gold members are not being affected. However yes you are correct that the 500 SC grant is being removed from the All-Access pass. Right now there isn't any plan to give compensation in Vanguard to All-Access members so thank you for double checking on that.
  11. Dedith New Member

    As an All Access member who does, if in-frequently, play Vanguard I would like to state that I am concerned about the lack of compensation for Vanguard as I'll not be able to use the 'up to 2k SC purchase' for anything VG related.
  12. Yaviey Vanguard Community Manager & Wiki Project Manager

    Thank you greatly for your feedback, Dedith. We'll make sure this concern is forwarded on to the team working on the SC change.
  13. mscdn2 New Member

    I guess that's the part I don't understand - all-access pass means gold status for each of the games included in the pass - so to me that should mean that I will continue to get this stipend into my station cash account since there is no separate account for Vanguard. If all-access does not equate to gold status in Vanguard color me completely ignorant.

    Sorry if I'm coming off dense here but this is truly confusing me.

    I just double-checked my account and I am listed as an all-access user as having Vanguard Gold Membership.
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  14. MortyMykk Active Member

    I agree ... it's sort of like we are getting penalized for having an All Access Pass.

    I pay for my All Access Pass and play Vanguard 90% of the time. That really sucks for me.
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  15. Meeza New Member

    I subscribe to the all-access pass for Vanguard because I also happen to play EQ sometimes. It made sense to get both games for just a little more than one game, but Vanguard is the game I play the most. This is pretty disappointing.
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  16. Billham Member

    As All Access Pass members who spends at least 99% of our playing time in Vanguard, my wife and I feel compelled to down-grade my sub to Vanguard only as we have no need for any 2kSC items in any other game. I guess SOE doesn't need the extra $5 each month. We'll have the rest of the month to figure it out as our subs renewed today.
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  17. carlwynn Member

    with all the cheering for mounts and houses, keep in mind that they have yet to produce a list of what items will /not/ be included.
  18. Tinqu Active Member

    This is not good and does not make for happy players that have gold membership. I see some more lost/downgraded subs over this... WHY were the Gold sub overlooked or was it only Vanguard that was over looked.....
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  19. Dunaden New Member

    I don't have an All Access pass; I have individual subscriptions for Vanguard and EQ tied to the same account. So sounds like I won't be able to pool the SC I was getting from my EQ and Vanguard accounts any more to buy what ever I wanted in either game. Though I am glad Vanguard is sticking to the 500 a month plan, for now at least, still leaves some versatility.
  20. Yaviey Vanguard Community Manager & Wiki Project Manager

    Ah okay, mscdn2, your original question now makes a lot more sense. I can see now where you were confused. So a Gold membership in Vanguard costs approximately $14.99 per month. An All-Access membership is approximately $19.99 per month but allows "full" membership on a variety of games. The basic features are the same as the Gold Membership in that a player with All-Access membership can get two houses, the maximum amount of bank slots, etc. However after the new change goes through, All-Access subscribers will no longer get the 500 SC bonus for any of the games. This is because that 500 SC goes into a universal wallet that can then be spent on any game, not just Vanguard. So to be clear, if you have an SOE All-Access membership and play Vanguard, you will continue to get all of the Gold membership features except the 500 Station Cash bonus.

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