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  1. http://www.thetelonproject.com/lore...tone-quest-maps
    Thanks to all that contributed and thank you to Karii for hosting it on thetelonproject.com
    *A few notes - I made these maps and lack photoshop skillz, so there are a few typos. The #'s for the "Traveling Telon" quest are wrong and should all read 8/10. Also the Map point for one of the "Ancient Pharaohs" is wrong, and should be in Seawatch Coast, not Isle of madness.

    So as you can see from the maps, we are still 3 stones short of a complete list, so please post them if you have found them. Thanks all.
  2. First, I'd like to say Thank you to Brohn & Exile for donating the information to The Telon Project, and Also to all the members of Exile, Phoenix Knights, Core & Cult of the Angry Goblin who contributed to finding all of these!
    At this time I only have the maps posted, I do have some more detailed information on the quests and will be working over the next few days to try to get it all added to the site and available for everyone.
    Once again, Thank you to everyone who worked hard on gathering the information and for entrusting myself and The Telon Project to host it!
  3. Wow! This is awesome guys!

    I had stumbled upon one lorestone in my travels, but being a part of a very small guild would have made finding these things on our own extremely time consuming.
    I rather like that the map isn't showing down to the nitty gritty as well, a generalized "It's around here" is an awesome way to post these (I haven't read the quests section yet though!).
  4. This is great!
    Big thank you to everyone that collaborated on getting this together. So awesome to see everyone working together in game right now. such a great community effort. Hopefully we can get those last few found soon!
  5. Please Note! - Due to changing the layout a little bit of how the Lorestone Quests are presented on the site, the original link that was posted no longer works. You can access the information using this Link now! (http://www.thetelonproject.com/lorestone-quests)
  6. If your going to post Screen shots of the Lorestones. can they be more of an area Photo. rather than an up close one. makes it easier to find these things. The pics that are posted are so close, all you see is a wall. or very small part of the terrain. thanks
  7. Honestly I prefered the old map photos better... I was taking my little bard through the Tanvu ones in Blighted Lands and got myself swatted by some mobs I didn't even know where there (6dot 58 up in the mountains that looked like a Necro's abomination, awesome stuff!).
    I know anyone following a guide shouldn't expect to have the full "hunting down experience" but having more vague locations is a nice touch.
    Maybe keep the more vague points and the specific locations hidden under a spoiler tag?
  8. Koralith wrote:
    The Map's are still there, If you look under the "Continental Maps", the map for each continent is there same as before, just not all on the same page
    And to Zergan, the site also lists /loc's for the Lorestones as well
  9. YO! Mr. WHITE!
    Looking for a DEVELOPER by the name of SILLIUS to go out in the world of Telon and Confirm that these last 3 lorestones are actually IN GAME and properly working. Lets make sure we are CLEAR by what I mean.... Get on one of your characters (or someone elses) and physically Go to their locations when they are supposed to be up and make sure they are.
    I am and ONE of MANY that have searched for this Highlands stone for many continous hours going over Chunk by chunk and in Dungeon by Dungeon and have not seen it.
    (This is where I place some facts and voice opinions based off those facts, pretend they are here)
  10. Undacova@Seradon wrote:
    Yeah, that last Thestran Highlands one is elusive. Me and several others have scoured all of Eastern Thestra looking for it (before and after phasing was introduced). It's either very well hidden, or nonexistent.
    And if I had to guess on the remaining two "Traveling Telon" stones, I'd say 1 was on Kojan (probably northern) and one is on Thestra somewhere (which would make it 4 Thestra, 4 Qalia, and 2 Kojan). But who knows. /shrug
  11. Brohn wrote:
    I have compiled A LOT of information about the Thestra Stones, things like timers, patterns, pathing, lore, etc... Would love to get in vent today with you and anyone else to talk about what we know. I believe we could narrow the chunks down some. Maybe coordinate one big easter egg hunt during what I consider the "Window". Just ask any PKO3305 for Undacova, (Mostly will be on Guerrila today)
  12. Undacova@Seradon wrote:
    I hope he comes here and posts "L2P"
  13. Ridiculous having these things disappear - they should always be visible and inactive, but not invisible
    And btw, thanks for compiling all the information - must have been a herculean effort
  14. Everyone involved with mapping these locations simply are not thanked enough for their dedication and desire to help out everyone.
    The amount of time you take looking for these things must be exhausting. As a player who benefits greatly from your exhausting search, thank you.
  15. I would like to thank the Vanguard Developer I ran into last night while they were checking the lorestones. It was awesome to be able to talk with you.
    So, Thank You Very Much for checking to ensure all the lorestones are working properly and are in game. I know you all are very busy doing developer stuff, so it was more than just awesome of you to take the time to check.

  16. ARCHIVED-326 Guest

    Silius wrote:
    This is from the original Lorestone thread.
    I'm curious since players aren't completely anchored in 'this reality' Telon, meaning lagging and crashing all the time. I would think the players would be very capable of seeing them up 24/7. Heh.
  17. Custom POI file aded to TTP for super convenience.
  18. The following came from Graye:
    Go to your VG directory.

    Open the Bin folder.

    Open the file named: CustomPoINames.txt (or create one if you don't have one. It is a notepad file)

    Copy and paste the following into it:


    ;;Journey Through Martok (4/4)
    PoIName="Journey Through MartokSundering Wastelands" ChunkX=-19 ChunkY=12 X=5887 Y=32274 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Journey Through MartokGulgrethor Fortress" ChunkX=-19 ChunkY=12 X=2584 Y=-7777 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Journey Through MartokForest of Cinders" ChunkX=-19 ChunkY=12 X=-88429 Y=-12524 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Journey Through MartokWildgrowth Forest" ChunkX=-20 ChunkY=12 X=57721 Y=65405 Z=0 PoIRank=1

    ;;Tanvu Sojourn (4/4)
    PoIName="Tanvu SojournBlighted Lands Part 1" ChunkX=-17 ChunkY=5 X=52315 Y=-61223 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Tanvu SojournBlighted Lands Part 2" ChunkX=-17 ChunkY=5 X=44149 Y=-32552 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Tanvu SojournRaki Skyshrines" ChunkX=-18 ChunkY=5 X=-15784 Y=-40739 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Tanvu SojournVaelwyn Citadel" ChunkX=-18 ChunkY=4 X=-3155 Y=67928 Z=0 PoIRank=1


    ;;Ancient Pharoahs of Qalia (5/5)
    PoIName="Ancient Pharoahs of QaliaStranglewater Shore" ChunkX=-17 ChunkY=-9 X=-57269 Y=57852 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Ancient Pharoahs of QaliaPankhor Zhi" ChunkX=-16 ChunkY=-10 X=26200 Y=43874 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Ancient Pharoahs of QaliaSeawatch Coast" ChunkX=-18 ChunkY=-11 X=68616 Y=-11560 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Ancient Pharoahs of QaliaTemple of Tehatamani" ChunkX=-17 ChunkY=-13 X=990 Y=32000 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Ancient Pharoahs of QaliaCragwind Ridge" ChunkX=-16 ChunkY=-12 X=48000 Y=-37500 Z=0 PoIRank=1

    ;;Qa River Expedition (5/5)
    PoIName="Qa River ExpeditionLair of the Sisters" ChunkX=-14 ChunkY=-8 X=51981 Y=74757 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Qa River ExpeditionTrickster's Haven" ChunkX=-14 ChunkY=-12 X=-62085 Y=35222 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Qa River ExpeditionLair of the Green Witch" ChunkX=-14 ChunkY=-9 X=-29552 Y=-8810 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Qa River ExpeditionLomshire" ChunkX=-15 ChunkY=-9 X=-42532 Y=48270 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Qa River ExpeditionSepulchral Chasm" ChunkX=-13 ChunkY=-12 X=49700 Y=-16500 Z=0 PoIRank=1

    ;;East Qalia Coastline (5/5)
    PoIName="East Qalia CoastlineJahred's Twist" ChunkX=-13 ChunkY=-11 X=-5500 Y=16200 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="East Qalia CoastlineTar Janashir" ChunkX=-12 ChunkY=-11 X=32564 Y=56365 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="East Qalia CoastlineCavern of Mist" ChunkX=-12 ChunkY=-10 X=-2764 Y=-56832 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="East Qalia CoastlineVenik Ragnew" ChunkX=-12 ChunkY=-13 X=-5000 Y=-24000 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="East Qalia CoastlineStrand of the Ancients" ChunkX=-10 ChunkY=-9 X=-24260 Y=-54790 Z=0 PoIRank=1


    ;;Swamp of the Dead (5/5)
    PoIName="Swamp of the DeadSwamps of the Dead Part 1" ChunkX=-30 ChunkY=23 X=26000 Y=-47400 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Swamp of the DeadSwamps of the Dead Part 2" ChunkX=-30 ChunkY=25 X=-16950 Y=-85300 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Swamp of the DeadSwamps of the Dead Part 3" ChunkX=-29 ChunkY=21 X=230 Y=49100 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Swamp of the DeadSwamps of the Dead Part 4" ChunkX=-29 ChunkY=23 X=-28600 Y=-14000 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Swamp of the DeadSwamps of the Dead Part 5" ChunkX=-28 ChunkY=24 X=74500 Y=-4500 Z=0 PoIRank=1

    ;;The Forest's Heart (5/5)
    PoIName="The Forest's HeartThe Forest's Heart Part 1" ChunkX=-27 ChunkY=24 X=-27900 Y=100 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="The Forest's HeartThe Forest's Heart Part 2" ChunkX=-26 ChunkY=21 X=-2150 Y=-73500 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="The Forest's HeartThe Forest's Heart Part 3" ChunkX=-26 ChunkY=28 X=4000 Y=72100 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="The Forest's HeartThe Forest's Heart Part 4" ChunkX=-25 ChunkY=24 X=-63600 Y=-57000 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="The Forest's HeartThe Forest's Heart Part 5" ChunkX=-25 ChunkY=26 X=52720 Y=-9000 Z=0 PoIRank=1

    ;;Thestran Highlands (4/5)
    PoIName="Thestran HighlandsLocation" ChunkX= ChunkY= X= Y= Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Thestran HighlandsThestran Highlands Part 2" ChunkX=-23 ChunkY=28 X=-60200 Y=7850 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Thestran HighlandsThestran Highlands Part 3" ChunkX=-22 ChunkY=24 X=-30200 Y=11500 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Thestran HighlandsThestran Highlands Part 4" ChunkX=-22 ChunkY=25 X=22000 Y=31200 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Thestran HighlandsThestran Highlands Part 5" ChunkX=-21 ChunkY=26 X=-58000 Y=-29800 Z=0 PoIRank=1


    ;;Traveling Telon
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 1" ChunkX=-19 ChunkY=4 X=-13750 Y=-74850 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 2" ChunkX=-17 ChunkY=-14 X=86000 Y=-71200 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 3" ChunkX=-30 ChunkY=27 X=33360 Y=83900 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 4" ChunkX=-28 ChunkY=22 X=720 Y=71800 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 5" ChunkX=-14 ChunkY=-13 X=30500 Y=-27300 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonLocation" ChunkX= ChunkY= X= Y= Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 7" ChunkX=-13 ChunkY=-14 X=21500 Y=6200 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonLocation" ChunkX= ChunkY= X= Y= Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 9" ChunkX=-12 ChunkY=-10 X=67500 Y=6300 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    PoIName="Traveling TelonTraveling Telon Part 10" ChunkX=-23 ChunkY=24 X=67725 Y=14550 Z=0 PoIRank=1
    Then, restart the game
  19. Undacova@Seradon wrote:
    So does this mean they have verified that they are out there? If so we might start looking again properly I guess. I just assumed like "imbue" slots and other things these forgot to make it into the game....
  20. 326 wrote:
    Unless I missed something... I see no such "Hint" in which he refers to. (Below is the dialogue from Stabbas)
    Stabbas says, “Greetings Traveler, why have you sought me out?”
    You say, “I was told you knew something about the strange happenings all over Telon”
    Stabbas says, “If you are talking about the events within these walls, I can only say that an old enemy has emerged and we are trying to find a way to stop them.”
    You say, “I was referring to the appearance of what people are calling an Ancient.”
    Stabbas says, “Ah yes, you are referring to the one called Theophilus. There have been 10 sightings of him so far in various locations around Telon. Unfortunately any communication with him results in seemingly mindless babbling. But, I believe, his appearance is linked to an old legend I have been researching for many years.”
    You say, “A legend you say? Can you give me any more details?”
    Stabbas says, “Hmmm, piqued your interest have I? Well your arrival is a good omen since I am stuck here investigating another issue. You see there is a legend that says the appearance of an ancient would preempt the arrival of the stones. I have no idea what they are but they're able to grant great power to anyone who can unlock their mystery. The part of the legend that I believe refer to Theophilus says: “The ancient key shall appear and roam the lands, ready to unlock the mind of those who listen.”
    You say, “What does that mean exactly?”
    Stabbas says, “Well you see in the legend where it mentions the stones is says:” “The adventures of the past locked away will reappear to be gathered and released into the soul by the ancient key.” “From this it sounds like you must somehow gather the stones' knowledge and bring it to Theophilus.” “What you must do after that I have no clue but I have found out how to interact with the stones.”
    You say, “Can't I just walk up to it and touch it?”
    Stabbas says, “Well sure, I guess you could do that if you wanted to find out what it is like to touch a random magical artifact that predates the cataclysm.” “If you wand to actually get anything from it you must be marked.”
    You say, “Marked, care to explain?”
    Stabbas says, “based on what I have learned the stones will only react to those whose spirits resonate with them. This requires that a mark be placed on your soul through a quick procedure.”
    You say, “Sounds safe enough, where do I sign up?”
    Stabbas says, “...Blah blah blah, small fee, Mekalia, funds low. Costs 10g”
    You say, “Seems steep, but I think I can afford that.”
    Stabbas says, (Description about being pricked. You feel it, however it shocks you) “Sorry about that I forgot the second more painful part but it is over now. You should now be able to interact with the stones when you find them.”
    You say, “How do I find them?”
    Stabbas says, “Well that's the thing. There whereabouts are a complete mystery.” “They could be in Telon from Avra to Lothenland or Klessauk to Thujan. The stones could be deep in a cave waiting for someone to activate them.” “Of course since the areas I just mentioned are completely made up, they can probably be found on Thestra, Kojan, or this great continent of Qalia. Regardless, I cannot help you any further than I have.”
    You say, “Well, thank you for your time and the shock to my system.”

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