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  1. There is a message on login that says:
    The new Lorestone quests are currently having some issues that our team is working to fix. Thank you for your patience.

    Can you be a little more specific please? Should we continue to search for them? Or are you going to reset or move them or something? It would be very annoying to have to redo any of this.

    Also, just curious, how many have other people found? Exile has 28/48 (and only assuming 48 because it is the total from all the quests we've discovered so far).
  2. have only found 8 but 2 were found and wouldnt do anything.
  3. Send us out on a wild goose chase in the end the whole quest is broken nice...
  4. When we wanted to turn in a quest, there was no NPC at the "Beginners Battleground" location. We petitioned and a GM appeared, who then said that the followup is bugged.
    So I can only guess and hope, that they will just fix the NPC and not touch the stones at all.

    P.S.: CaG found 23 so far.
  5. Can these be solod? I talked to the Gnome at Mekalia and paid 10 gold to be able to do the quest. After that I didn't know where to go. Been in some caves but didn't find anything but pain and death so far lol.
  6. some yes, some no
  7. Up to 33/48 now after combining with CaG (thanks guys). If any other guilds with 20ish+ lorestone locations want to exchange/combine let me know so we can knock this out.
  8. Getting tired of having to pay to do quests. After PotA and KDQ, I already feel like a Jersey milk cow, and my teats are sore from being milked one time too many! I have no overwhelming desire to be first, so I will wait and see where this wild-goose chase leads.
    For the foreseeable future, I shall not participate.
  9. yeh i would like to know when this is going to be fixed have about 35 including the ones you cant click on......a few completed but no idea how to turn them in
  10. These quests could definitely have used a bit more testing. Apart from the fact that you can't complete them, some of the updates can bug out as well.
    Apart from that they are fun to do, i usually spent quite a bit of time poking about Telon, but i've found at least a couple of new caves i had never been in previously, Telon really is a big place.
  11. Memnoch wrote:
    Testing would have been sweet, but you have to think.. No one will test for Silius after what he pulled last time... There is no QA dept in SOE. As for obvious reasons. We keep getting broken patches left and right.. Hence I feel like Silius made the live servers his new TEST SERVER.... (We been beta testing since launch anyways.. pota , Magi hold and so on...)
  12. wich ones cant be soloed?
  13. there's a few which might need some help, depending on your level. although most everyone doing this is 55, has anyone checked to see if a non-POTA flagged toon or pre-50 toon can get flagged to start this?
    I've cataloged 27/48 so far for PKo3305 that we have found, 9 quests so far. I'm of mind that there are 10 quests hoever since Stabbas mentioned sighting Theophilus 10 times. Would love to trade some info and see what we're missing.
  14. The Qalia ones are the only ones having issues and should be fixed tomorrow. Are you having problems with any that are not Qalian?
  15. Well, thanks for fixing this issue, but isnt the main problem, that there is no place to turn in the quests? Any eta for that fix?

    Edit: Just to clarify. We waited for several hours at the "Beginners Battleground". When we finally petitioned a GM showed up and said that the quest is bugged. We didnt know about the Stones-not.recording-bug at that point.
  16. You have to find the turn in. Stabbas explained that in his dialog.
  17. Why is there an erroneous quest tracker icon that leads us to leth nurae where there is apparently nothing there, is this a bug?
  18. Ok, then it was our bad. Thanks for the clarification, Silius.
  19. Torveld wrote:
    Yes I am trying to track down that bug atm.

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