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  1. Fredrick New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been playing for a couple of days and have a laundry list of questions below that I couldn't figure out in-game. Your help would be very appreciated.

    What does Tactical recognition skill affect, how is it raised?

    For Attribute point distribution are there any soft/hard caps I should be aware of?

    Does a Paladin only get minor benefits from dex, vit, int? Should I just stack Str, con wis?

    What is Diplomacy "presence"?

    Why would you want to lock or lose points in crafting skills?

    Do i need to move tools from my toolbelt to my crafting tool slot or is the necessary tool automatically used?

    Is there a way to remove the red compass markers or the markers on the map?
  2. Aasha Well-Known Member

    Hey there, Fredrick and welcome to Telon! I will answer the questions that I feel I can answer best for you and leave the others for those more versed in that...

    Attribute points are capped at 18 x's your level.

    By hovering over the particular stat on your character sheet, you will see what the statistic offers to your characters. For my Paladin's build I chose to go Strength, Constitution and Wisdom, in that priority.

    Diplomacy presence is essentially the influence that you have with the particular station. Diplomatic NPCs are assigned a station and those stations, for example, are soldiers, academics, clergy, and so on. To speak with a soldier and engage them in a conversation, your presence with their group essentially determine whether you have met the prerequisite to allow them to speak with you.

    When you choose your specialization within your parent field (a tailor or leatherworker for the outfitting parent, minerologist or carpenter for the articifer parent, and an armorsmith or weaponsmith for a blacksmith parent) you will no longer want to have point allocated to your none specialiation. In other words, if you have chosen to be an armorsmith, you need not have points going into weaponsmithing as the benefit is much greater to you to put all possible in your chosen specialization.

    The game will recognize that you have all the tools in your selected tool belt "essentially" equipped and it will allow you to pull from all the tools that you have equiped both on your character and also in your tool bag. You can choose to switch tool belts when crafting for a 5 point per change cost.

    My memory on this is a little sketchy and I would need to check this in game to answer with certainty, but I seem to remember there being a way to remove the waypoint markers. I can check later today and advise if no one has answered by then.

    I hope that this helps.
  3. Sinisna Active Member

    From the Vanguard Knowledge Base:

    "This bar represents an old and unused skill that was leftover from the beginning of Vanguards creation.
    It does not affect game play in any way."

    This thread should (at least partially) answer your questions:


    As you level up, you only get a certain number of points you can attribute to each skill type.

    Should you want to stop raising a particular skill, you can lock it.
    Should you want to lower a skill in order to gain back a few points which you can put into another skill, you can also do so.

    If the tool you require is in the currently selected bag (marked by a small check mark), it will automatically select it.

    Otherwise, you will need to select that bag first.

    Press L to open the Quests window, then go to the Locations tab.

    There, you can toggle and/or remove specific locations from both your map and your compass.
  4. ShalimarTroy Active Member


    I am not an expert by any means but I will give it a go. I am sure there are so many better people to answer, but I'll throw out my answers.

    I believe Tactical Recognition does not work in the game and at present is a meaningless skill.

    Starts are hard capped at x10 your level, so a 23 Paladin would have a cap of 230 Strength.

    All stats have meaning in Vanguard and it is up to the player to really determine if it is worth anything. This feature is the GREATEST game mechanics. I love it! EQII screwed this system overly royal and that is the reason I will never play the game again until they return stats to what they were.

    I have no comment on Diplomacy.

    Good question to crafting skill locks and favoritism. I think it is mostly a mute point unless the skills get whacked out of control, which gives you a chance to counter balance them.

    You do not need to move tools around in the belt -- just put them in your belt and they will automatically get used. I will say also that you should buy the cheapest tools for harvesting skills you do not possess and put them in the belt as you can HELP others harvest and gain more from the restuls.

    Not sure why you want to remove compass markers because that shows where quest locations are? I personally use TBIRD's compilation UI mod and love it. Great when you get further experience in the game.

    Hope this sort of helps.
  5. Dirkin Active Member

    Just to clarify here, the hard cap for attributes is indeed 18x your level as Aasha stated. So you can up your stats a bit more Shalimar. :)

    The cap at level 20 is 360, level 50 is 900, and level 55 is 990.
  6. ShalimarTroy Active Member

    Yes, I was mistaken and oddly I cannot edit or delete my comments?!?
  7. Dirkin Active Member

    Yeah, you can only edit your posts for maybe 30 minutes after originally posting it. It's weird and I wish they would get rid of that.
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  8. Sorcinum Dizzy Active Member

    Also, for the young pally.. Con is for HP, but the higher your ll the more HP u get per con point. You can adjust points later on in game..
    Str, con, des prolly help u more for lvling and killing faster.
  9. Raederle Member

    I would like to add that Vit helps a bit with both energy- and endurance regeneration during combat (and it increases how big your heals are). The heavy armour classes always run out of endurance quickly, so that's worth keeping in mind. Having said that, my own paladin focuses on Con > Str > Dex. Remember that Dex also increases some of your defensive abilities! I group almost always though, so Vit or Wis may be more important when soloing - I cannot tell.
  10. Fredrick New Member

    Thanks for all of the awesome answers and advice everyone!
    One follow-up: are there any other skills or game features that are no longer relevant, similar to Tactical Recognitio?
  11. Apaelias Well-Known Member

  12. Dirkin Active Member

    Vitality does not affect endurance regen, only hp and energy.
  13. Sinisna Active Member

    Not that I can think of.
  14. Raederle Member

    Perhaps I was mistaken in that case. I truly believed so, but we all are human (even the Raki).
  15. Sinisna Active Member

    Actually, Vitality affects:
    • In-combat health regeneration (which may be the cause of Raederle's confusion with endurance regeneration)
    • Energy regeneration
    • Unmounted movement speed
  16. Dirkin Active Member

    And healing effectiveness, I was only referring to the regen portions in question. :)
  17. Sinisna Active Member

    Yeah I figured, just thought I would be thorough :D

    Where did you read that Vitality also affects Heal Effectiveness? My tests indicate that not to be the case.
  18. Dirkin Active Member

    Well not the actual stat, sorry, just the bonus it gives to healing.
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