Producer's Letter - March 2013

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  1. Rahtiz Developer

    Greetings all!

    It has been a little while since the last time I’d shared with you what we have been working on, so I figured it was about time for an update.

    First, as most of you know by now, we have had a couple of people transition from Vanguard to other development teams. Although they will be missed, the development team is still cranking away at providing our players with new content that we know they enjoy. Although I am not a heavy poster on the forums, I can tell you that the current development team and I read the forums daily.

    Speaking of the forums, a while back the development team posted some information regarding death penalty changes. As you can see, we still have not implemented them as some other concerns were brought up that we’d like to address as well at the same time.

    As you can tell from the recent updates we’ve done (City of Brass crafting recipes, the Lomshir, Lomshir Plains and Hag’s Coastline revamps, starting diplomacy changes, and numerous bug fixes), we have tried to find a balance between doing content and bug-fixing updates. At this point, I think we have found that happy medium that we have been looking for. Some weeks you will see a lot more changes than other weeks. This happens as some things take longer than others.

    Speaking of things that take longer than others, let’s talk about the network revamp that Hobart has been working on. First of all, yes, it is still being worked on. Hobart has made some progress, but it has been taking longer than we expected. Currently, we are starting to test the changes internally so that we can find and fix obvious issues before moving it onto the Test Server. Do I have an ETA on when it should hit Test? No, unfortunately, I don’t as of yet. Hopefully Soon.TM J On a side note, we will start restarting the server on the off weeks to help alleviate at least some of the issues you’ve been vocal about.

    With this week’s update you will find that like crafting before it, diplomacy has found some love. Venture out into City of Brass and you’ll find some new NPCs just waiting to parlay with you. Heck, you might even find a new buff or two! With this week’s update we have also started work on merging Halgar with Telon. We routinely would get requests from new and veterans alike asking for server merges. Combining the two servers made sense for the community.

    Last but definitely not least, let’s talk a little about Pankor Zhi. Pankor Zhi is still on the schedule! However, it has been pushed back by work on Old Targanor. Let me explain a little of the reasoning behind this. Pankor Zhi is going to require a lot more development work to get out of the door the right way. There are several things in the area that need to be totally redone unfortunately. With the roadmap of what we want to get out, it just makes more sense to start with Old Targanor while we go through the content that was started for Pankor Zhi.

    Here’s a sneak peek of some new items yet to come:

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    I hope all of this makes you as excited for what’s coming as it does me. It’s definitely going to be a full year for us!

    See you in-game, as always!

    Harvey “Rahtiz” Burgess
  2. Karii Well-Known Member

    First, let me say, its Great finally getting this posted. We are all anxiously awaiting the things you and the Dev team have in store for us.. just remember communication is key :) even if its a single update post a week, something to let us know your still there :)

    As for that.. umm, you left the list blank? lol..
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  3. Zatozia Moderator

    Hey there,

    It looks there's a problem with editing. The pictures are loading please wait!
  4. Zatozia Moderator

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
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  5. Enkur Well-Known Member

    Harvey please fill-in the "Blank" for us. If you leave it blank, then it might be misconstrued that there isn't anything new to come. :D
  6. Schiller Well-Known Member

    Good news! Just knowing that PZ is still scheduled makes me smile! Old Targonor sounds good too! Always was a fun place.

    Just wondering if you could let us in on the target audience of Old Targonor? What levels/difficulty are you shooting for?
  7. Enkur Well-Known Member

    I like the shield and the bow, I don't know about the pillow on a stick.
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  8. Karii Well-Known Member

    Hopefully... its a 12-24 man raid dungeon :)
  9. Gresteh Active Member

    Pankor Zhí pushed back :( bad news, but at least not horrible news, at least we are going to get an improved dungeon and I hope that it means more raid targets as well.

    BTW it's Old Targonor and not Old Targanor I guess that asking the producer to know the name of one the most important dungeons in the game that also shares name with the most important city and the family that rules that city is asking too much.
  10. Gresteh Active Member

    Ok, i like that, adding new items to the game it's great, and the ttems look amazing, i really hope that unlike the dragon armor this items are loot drops... ahh and i would like to see new caster armor too
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  11. Schiller Well-Known Member

    Well, as we do not have appearance slots for weapons or shields, I would bet it is dropped items--unless they are adding appearance slots for weapons.
  12. Gresteh Active Member

    Or they are adding weapons to the SC or the items come from lockboxes
  13. Filzin Well-Known Member

    I do appreciate the update and while I am exhausted by my own negativity in regards to Vg, I can't help but wonder why, yet another change in direction?
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  14. Ceythos Developer

    Shooting for group content to fill the gap between swamps/NN/RI and PotA for the mid 50's.

    Pankor is going to take quite a while to do if we're going to do it justice. In the meantime, we have a lot of players at or nearing the post-Magi Hold area of their progression, looking to head into PotA. Old Targ will let us fill a gap in both post-50 grouping and itemization that the game could really benefit from and it can be finished in a shorter period of time.
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  15. Gresteh Active Member

    Rereading Rahitz's post what I understand is that they have to change several things in Pankor zhi as part of the revamp of the area, that would mean that the revamp would take longer than they initially expected so they have decided to have a part of the team working on Old Targonor while another part of the team works on fixing the problems that prevent Pankor Zhi revamp. I guess that the things that are delaying the team are art related (as Pankor zhi is not fully fleshed) so the art team will be working on the chunk while the dev team works on Old Targonor and once the art team is done the dev team will revamp pankor zhi.
  16. Gresteh Active Member

    I guess that makes sense... but please, add more raid targets as part of that revamp as it was done when Magi Hold was revamped.
  17. Leavwiz Well-Known Member

    all i have to say is thanks for the post and keep working on stuff
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  18. iamme Active Member

    Now y'all are back to OT? ***

    Tells me there is no direction in this game once again. Kill the dog with a broken back.... seriously, It is done and only prolongs the self entitlement of the people that aren't willing to let something go....
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  19. Isoel Active Member

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  20. Lupo Active Member

    Great, another case of the devs listening to the community fool and alienating the rest. No cow, probably some vanilla Pz. Ffs is it to much to ask that you finish what you start? After CoB should be cave of wonders. You will probably throw some overland at us as a slap in the face for the tenth time. Well gz rahtiz, you just sent quite a few people into hibernation. Screw ot, nothing new and wont better my character.
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