Race/Class Combos... EQ2 has All/All Now?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Sagremor, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. is this true?

    I've heard from a few people that EQ2 opened up all classes to all races..

    if that's the case, how did it affect the game and what was the player communities response?
  2. Afaik EQ2 is still faction limited, in that evil aligned chars can only pick evil classes and vice versa.
  3. I think you got the VG and EQ2 forums mixed up.
  4. Sigh... There's always a wise **** in these forums...

    I asked the question since there was a lot of debate recently when VG added a few more race/class combos to the game.
    Since EQ2 is probably the closest game/playerbase to VG, and it's owned by SoE, I thought it was a vaild "VG" question.
  5. EQ2 always supported all classes for all races. Evil races could be any evil class, Good races any good class, and you could switch alliances by doing a betrayel quest to get access to the counterpart good/evil classes.
    This wasn't a new mechanic. It's just the way it is over there :)
    Personally I like how it is here. It kind of forces you to say, "Okay, I want to play a bard. Well, a Vulmane can't be a bard, so I have to try a new area." And you get a slightly different experience, new aesthetics, etc :) Which is great.
  6. Yes it was always available via a horridly long hard Betrayal quest (which got lowballed into a easy one). But you couldnt roll every race/class combo from creation at level 1. You had to pick the 'opposite' class then betray. (i.e. a Shadowknight betrays and becomes a Paladin)
    As far as I know they did not remove the betrayal requirement. You still have to do the work. But maybe there's some new rumor floating about.
  7. Cutlass@Seradon wrote:
    It's still a pain in the rear end, yeah :(
    And I keep up on the news over there.. haven't heard anything new floating around on the betrayel quests. It's true that on PVP servers you can now be any class in any city, but this was done to balance some things out for those who wanted to seek end-game content.
  8. k, let's not be wise thingies, NO. The game is build around races liking classes. A class can be viewed as necessary or rather as not wanted or don't want to have it around. Some classes just aren't available to a race. Adding a very long reschooling quest won't bother me. That would add to a sense of roleplaying. It would fit the Island of Dawn. If they have time to do that now, probably not. And I don't know if it's even possible with the codes or easy enough to do.

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