Shammy Closin' in on 50. Spells?

Discussion in 'Healers' started by Taezya, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Taezya New Member

    Ok. I see at lvl 50, the spells drop off of my patron trainer and I'm wondering what I do from there? Will my patron trainer just desert me and tell me to go to Hades or will it give me some clues as to what I do next? Will I have to visit an actual NPC trainer instead of my patron trainer to get a clue? From what I heard, you continue to get spells after that, but they're player made or something like that, which I assume means I'm on my own to find materials for said spells. So if anybody knows a good guide I can find on this so I'm not looking around for the information later, it'd be greatly appreciative. If no guides are available then player 2 player info works rather well also, if you know what I need to do. Please and Thank you in advance 8)
  2. Jakkal Well-Known Member

    I don't have a shaman so I don't know exactly what spells you get or what's related to your patron totem. But for all classes after 51, you need to go to your trainer and you have to buy the spellbook. But in order to use it, you need to get a restored pearl of wisdom. And to get that pearl, you need first to get an unrestored pearl of wisdom (I can't recall what that's called). To create the unrestored pearl, you need to kill stuff in KDQ, Shimmering Shallows (Qalia) and/or Sea of Kojan (It's kinda north, northwestish of Tanvu, about three chunks north IIRC). The mobs there will drop Cracked, Jagged and glowing something of wisdom. Those three combined makes the unrestored pearl. Then to restore it, you need a level 50+ artificer, 1 ancient timber per spell, and 10 g per spell. The artificer can restore it for you. Once you have the restored pearl, you can combine it with the thing you buy off the trainer, then you can learn the spell from it.

    (Alternatively you can probably just buy the unrestored pearl or the restored pearl itself off the broker).

    Hope that helps.
  3. Taezya New Member

    Yes that helps alot thanx 8)

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