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Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Helcat, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that Skeleton Keys cost too much (in real $)
    relative to the rewards typically obtained from Finch's Lockboxes. I would like to propose
    that Gold members (and perhaps grandfathered-in for returning Vets) have the option of
    purchasing keys using platinum faction coins.

    This keeps SOE's steady stream of microtransactions in tact, as FTP players are far more likely
    than long-time subscribers to pay station cash for these keys anyway; it provides another
    incentive for FTPers to subscribe; and it eliminates one more annoyance that has discouraged
    returning veteran players from sticking around. Thoughts?
  2. I still wonder why we cant get keys from loot drops. Heck the lockboxes are a rare find why not make the key a rare or ultra-rare find. Those who cannot wait can just buy a key.
  3. Considering how easily those platinum coin are farmed, that is a highly unlikely scenario, unless they implement steps to counter it.
  4. cineha wrote:
    Agreed, these keys should have some chance to drop even if it is a very low chance. It would even be fair to say they drop 10% as often as the lockboxes.
  5. There is no amount of money in the world I'd be willing to bet that you wouldn't see people posting within two weeks of that change went live that the key drop rate isn't high enough and they're "forced" to buy keys from the marketplace to keep up with the box drop rate.
    Personally I have zero issue with the keys being SC buyable only. There is nothing that comes out of them that you need, and I view them the same as I do buying a BoC from Woot. Sometimes you get something meh, sometimes you get something useful, sometimes you get a 50" plasma HDTV. They're a chance to take a gamble and maybe get something good. I don't see the sense behind why they should just randomly give you a key to get something completely for free that's outside of the game's normal structure. From what I can tell the boxes don't even change the loot tables - they're just an additional item that can drop in addition to whatever it normally was going to drop.
    I do agree, though, that they should either lower the price or remove some of the more useless items.
  6. Personally, I have no problem with the keys remaining on the SC store only, I do think that given the drop rate for the boxes, that if they cut the price in half for the keys, they would sell A LOT more and thus generate more revenue than they will at the current going rate
  7. Oh, this thread again.

    What Flarestar said.

    Also: Helcat wrote:
    I think it'd be more fair to say that it's the consensus of those who have posted on the forums saying as much. I am certain that the forums are not representative of the entire playerbase as a lot of people seem to just have not gotten their shorts in a twist over these completely-optional items.
    That said, I would be okay with gold members getting a steeper discount in real $ for keys, and I would like to see some items weeded out that are particularly non-useful. Otherwise, I think the whole key/chest thing is a great marketing move on SOE's part, and I think it's just astounding how upset some people can get to a non-personal attack as if they are somehow entitled to specific treatement by SOE that they alone dictate.
    In conclusion, can we move on to the next barely-alive horse and finish the job? This one wouldn't be identifiable by even dental records by this point.
  8. Flarestar wrote:
    It's an annoying thing to loot though, as they don't vendor for anything and you can't avoid rolling on them due to mythic status. If you aren't intersted in purchasing skeleton keys, the boxes themselves will be just as annoying as 51-55 spell components in SS.
    I think you should be able to trade boxes in for keys. The exchange rate can be brutal (20 per, 50 per, etc.) Or trade them in for SC. 1 Box = 1-3 SC.
  9. I think the problem is the boxes aren't rare enough for the cost of the key. Either increase the rarity of the boxes (and increase the chance of something "good") or increase the number of keys you get for the 200 SC to 3 or something. I'd also include a skeleton key in the loot table for the chests as well.
  10. My little rogue has got 14 boxes on her now and is waiting patiently for a change in the dynamic :p
  11. The key is to help make money. Obama didn't give Sony money to make Vanguard and give everything for free. If Vanguard doesen't make money it will be gone. Think of items that players may want to spend real money on for their characters. Shared bank to transfer items between characters would be something I'd pay just for convenience.

    You want top not talent to make the game you have to "pay" them! We need to give them suggestions on making this business model work for Vanguard even if you personally would not buy. Help the Vanguard business manager be successful.

    If you love this game, get started sending in ideas on what to sell.
  12. All they need to do is lower the price of the keys. I subscribe so I'm not spending that much additional money on these lockboxes to get potions that are useless to the character I'm playing.
    If the keys were cheaper I'd probably buy some. Otherwise I'm passing on them in groups and simply banking them until the price for keys comes down.
  13. Temijin wrote:
    Shared bank or even upgraded mail capacity. X_x I really like the idea of having the box contents go to the /claim window. 100% health pots aren't big for my healer, bu I would find them worth it on my tank.
  14. I suggest that they either halve the price, or up the rewards. I don't even want XP pots (maybe some of us like to actually enjoy the content rather then race to the top) but I'm even more insulted that I paid almost $2 for one when they are 90 cents in the store.
  15. cineha wrote:
    They are not a rare find. They drop like candy my alts have tons of boxes sitting in their bank with no incentive to open them. 180 is way too much for a key, it should be at least half that.

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