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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Yaviey, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Yaviey Vanguard Community Manager & Wiki Project Manager

    Greetings Telonians,

    It’s been a little over a week since we had to give you the grave news of Vanguard's upcoming sunset. We knew from the day that we received the news that this was not going to be easy for us or for you. We've said this before, but we're gamers, too. We don't just manage and create games; we play them and live them, and we will miss Vanguard tremendously.

    We’re going to give Vanguard the best sendoff we can, and make sure these final months are worth remembering. Here is what we have planned so far:

    Double Experience & Faction
    From now until July 31, 2014 enjoy double experience and double faction throughout Telon. Get your alts up to 55!

    60% Off in the Station Marketplace
    We've made everything in the Station Marketplace 60% off. If you still have some Station Cash left in your wallet, now is a great time to use it. Buy the little things for your characters that you always wanted to but never bought.

    Free Rainbow Whale Companion
    To celebrate Vanguard’s seventh anniversary, get a free rainbow whale companion. To get it, speak to the Historian of Telon in New Targonor.

    Unexplored Content
    Our developers are working hard on opening up some unexplored zones that players have never seen before. Please keep in mind that these will likely not be finished zones. We don’t yet have a full list of content or an ETA of releases, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.
    • Halls of Shattered Souls (also known as POTA B) – opening Tuesday, February 4, 2014
    Make sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ channels for chances to win Vanguard: Saga of Heroes merchandise. From now until February 12, 2014 you can win a signed collector’s edition of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes or one of five Vanguard prize packs!

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has had a rich history with many twists and turns. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being loyal Vanguard players. It’s truly you that has kept the game going for so long. You will be missed beyond measure and we hope that we will cross paths again in our other SOE games.
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  2. Isoel Active Member

    Thank you for (planning to) unlock more, there is so much to this game that we've not seen that many of us would love to see, & deserves to be seen before the plug is pulled.
  3. Vinyard Member

    Can you please add a buffer to 55, and a vendor that gives out raid gear?

    There is no point in opening up unexplored content if not everyone can see it. Everyone should have the opportunity to personally see it all.
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  4. Fawks Passe New Member

    Thanks for opening up HoSS. Hopefully you can open up more areas that we have heard about! Definitely a shame to think these places might never be seen.
  5. Grunther Member

    Geee, maybe some of this content would have helped retain people over the last half decade or so of no content releases. Guess that's just how you manage games.
  6. Schiller Well-Known Member

    Please consider making the mobs "non-aggro" altogether--at least for the last month or so. Everyone should be able to see these places--not just those who can still put a raid together.

    Let everyone see this before the lights go out for the last time!
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  7. pokio New Member

    everyone 55 and max buffered for the last months to discover all the content before the end...
  8. dravid Well-Known Member

    Thank you for sharing the plans with us Yaviey.
  9. Faerar New Member

    So where is this Historian of Telon?

    I went to where all the guides say he was last year and no one is there? Did they forget to put him in again?
  10. Tanist Member

    I am all for them opening up things like the store to free, opening areas that were previously closed, but can we avoid turning the game into a cheat server (ie the "give us raid gear off NPC's" and "make the rules stupidly easy so we can solo or bypass everything".
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  11. pokio New Member

    yes store to free...
  12. Zewtastic Member

    Historian did not get added it appears.
  13. Mephisto New Member

    That should be HERALDS of Telon, not Historians.
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  14. Schiller Well-Known Member

    The reason I said to make the mobs non-aggro is that it serves the purpose for everyone. Those who just want to see things like the depths of Stiirhad can do so--walk right in--just don't attack anything and it will not attack you. That leaves it where those who do want to try to fight the mobs can still do so--just slap it one time, and you have a fight on your hands. Simple, and works for everyone.

    Just being 55 in raid gear would not necessarily make it where you could see everything anyway--there's a bit more to it than just the levels and gear! ;)
  15. Rolien New Member

    I don't understand it why open up content when you are killing the game? Most of the time giving more content to a game you attempt to attract gamers to the game that's the whole point of. This is just adding more insult to injury, it's like "Hey here you go more content!, oh by the way games getting shut down soon."

    Don't misunderstand I know that it's not the Vanguard team choosing to shut down the game it's Smeagol's I mean smedley's. I just don't understand it why go through all the trouble just to have the game shut down?
    Also 60% off market place, I mean if buying stuff from the market place could save Vanguard I would be all for it but....most of this money is going to go to EQnext the game they are trying to force everyone to. So why would someone pay money for something they won't even be able to use except for a few months?

    Why not give us something that many players of Vanguard want. A way to save the game?
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  16. BJWyler New Member

    Thank you for the information Yaviey. However, at some point, would it be possible to get a timeline for the final day of each of the game's actual shutdowns? I play both Vanguard and Wizardry and would like, if at all possible, to be livestreaming at the end of each out of respect for the people who enjoy these games, so need to know at what times the switch will be "flipped" in each case.

    That is, of course, if the inevitable is still inevitable, and SOE doesn't man up and actually find a way to save the games.
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  17. Dinjoc Member

    They can't give us a way to save the game. It's been asked for in many different forms, but answered with the exact same "No" response every time.

    In lieu of giving everyone what they really want, they are giving everyone the only other thing they can do that people have always asked for: a chance to see the sights that we never got to see. There are TONS of things that were half finished in game and locked away or were removed altogether. Things like HoSS, Nexus, the 7th giant Akaran Dwarvesbane, Zaakirnis in Cragwind, Syranoth and Stiirhad, Lothenland, the rest of CoW, etc. And this isn't content. There are no loot tables, no new raid strategies, and no new quests. These are the final attractions in the museum before you exit through the gift shop and the doors shut forever.

    Additionally, the 60% off in the shop is probably just to provide an outlet for those that still have SC left in game and won't be spending it anywhere else. SOE already has the money from when the SC was purchased in the first place, so it's more a way to keep people from fighting to have it refunded and instead just have people spend it before the lights go out.
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  18. Klemitch New Member

    What's the point of all this? If you're going to shut it down, just let it go. Why bother showing all this stuff we'll not be able to enjoy? Why give us these gifts we won't be able to use?

    Thanks for nothing.
  19. City of Bugs New Member

    some of us actually still enjoy the game and company of friends remaining
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  20. Mephisto New Member

    I bet you're a riot at funerals.

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