You have 1 items(s) waiting to be claimed.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Yard' started by Mark, May 17, 2013.

  1. Mark Member

    I get this message every time I log into the game. It's in my chat window (obviously) but when I click the marketplace button and click the "Item Claim" button there, that window also says in text that I have an item waiting - but as you can see, the box area is blank, nothing to select for claiming.

    I understand from game chat that this may be a "veteran reward" type thingy. I don't care about claiming something I don't qualify for; I am a brand new player not a returning player.

    Now, if SOE Vanguard was sending me a "yay! new player cupcake woohoo!!!" :D then I want it! Gimme my cupcake! lol Otherwise stop telling me about an item waiting for me to claim it if I cannot physically do it. *sniff

    Is this a bug or am I being teased? :p I like cupcakes!

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  2. Leavwiz Well-Known Member

    if you have more than one character it may be something you never claimed on at least one of your characters. If you had an account at one time, you may be entitled to certain veteran rewards that were offered based on that time frame.
  3. Mark Member

    Nope, brand new player, first time in Vanguard yesterday morning on first-ever character.
  4. Zatozia Moderator

    Checking on this issue.
  5. Omniac New Member

    Zatozia any luck, I see the same message when I log in! - Omniac
  6. Aanaela New Member

    I have items to be claimed, also. There is nothing in my claim window.
  7. Buccaneer New Member

    I have the same problem. 10 items to claim but nothing in the claim window.
  8. Buccaneer New Member

    Not to fussed about it to be honest. Like you stated I won't have to worry in six months. Such a shame :(
  9. Starcrusher Member

    If you don't see any items(s) in the claim window next time you log in, then rift or cross a chunk line and it will appear usually.

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