Chests in Dungeons

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Loshka, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Loshka New Member

    Ok, so this is obviously a newb question, but I've seen a lot of treasure chests in the first dungeon, but near as I can tell, I can't even click on them. Do you have to be a thief or something to get them to open?
  2. Damaged Neko Member

    get close press F, thats why an F appears near them Also be careful they some times go Ka sploody
  3. Dagorath New Member

    Theres 3 types of chests:
    1.- You interact them with "F" , this opens a window to "try" to open the chest, better chanses with THIEF, the mobs all around sometimes drop chests of this type
    2.- Closed chest, you need a Moon Crest Key to open it
    3.- Closed chest, you need a *Skeleton Key* to open it

    * = forgot exact name... and traped in black screen right now =)
  4. Zierk New Member

    Saw a chest today in Deltis Keep... it blew me up... lolz
  5. Damaged Neko Member

    KER SPLOODY! right! had one chest full health 315 XD died one shoted by a chest
  6. Cerinade New Member

    If you think the explody ones are bad, has anyone had the joy of experiencing a "Fist" trap? >.< lol
  7. Loshka New Member

    Enie Meanie Minie Mo, I wonder where my Glove will go.
  8. LordsOfSkulls Member

    sorry i dont have this problem.... i am a thief =)
  9. Damaged Neko Member

    lets, see Ker sploody, Pebble Drop, Bad Gas, sleep Gas, hmmmm not yet, does it punch yas? had one that set off an alarm instead of a trap set bandits after me luckly couple of weak advents were close by and well they got targeted instead
  10. Cerinade New Member

    The "Fist" trap doesn't even do damage, I've survived the explody ones. This, just makes a giant skeletal fist drop from the sky and it smooshes you real good. Insta deaths. :3
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  11. Damaged Neko Member

    oooh fun, i was wondering if be one of those old fashion hands that moves you to a random place, or the start zone again
  12. Cerinade New Member

    I kinda just stared at my screen for a minute, then broke into hysterical laughter. :D -- The joys of random death at 4am.
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  13. Algar Member

    I just realized today the second option for increasing success stacks up =0
    so far as i can tell. most new players like me dont know or didnt know this.
  14. Starmartyr Member

    In the Caligrase Sewers, there is a chest near the beginning that is neither a Moon Crest nor a Deceased Crest. something about a skeleton and a fist or something like that. Does anyone know how to get in that one?
  15. Damaged Neko Member

    Its hidden in the wall, you know some area's have a shining light in them. you'll find it in there
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  16. Riveran21 Active Member

    I wouldn't stick your hands in any glimmering holes if I were you.

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