Cursed Weapons?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Kajirou, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Kajirou Active Member

    I had some questions about cursed weapons. From the looks of most of them, they're kind of crummy. There's some that are pretty decent despite the curse, but you'd never really want them as your weapon. Mostly because they're stuck on you and come with a fair amount of negative attributes.

    There's two ways to remove a cursed weapon. Either have it done at the temple, or break it (from which it can be fixed, but is no longer equipped). From my own experience, trying to get in removed at the temple will destroy the weapon.

    But there's a few rumors going around that you can remove the curse from the equipment. Sine they wouldn't just put in cursed equipment for no reason, would they? o .o Some of it's actually pretty decent, and a lot of them are named suspiciously similar to actual good weapons of the same type. (Ghast Knife - Ghost Knife, Demon Knife - Daemon Knife, Poison Dead - Fallen Poison Dead, etc). Some of the cursed objects are even master or legendary quality.

    Why put those in the game if no one would want to use them? It's not like the junk equipment that's just for selling. I've even seen a few people going around buying up all the cursed equipment they can find. Do they know something I don't?

    So, is it possible to remove curses? (if so, please share. D; )
    Or is there a purpose to wielding the cursed items? Does the curse go away after a certain period of time, or is there some kind of hidden stats/attributes that would lead people to do this?
  2. Derek Active Member

    don't have a cursed item on me, but when I browsed through japanese sites about cursed stuff it mentioned something like Vortak, whom I recall is an NPC name

    I can only read very little Japanese, here's the text and let's wait for someone to translate.

    • 呪いのアイテムはボルタックで呪いを解けるが、アイテムも無くなる。
    • 100%の呪いのアイテムは掘り出し物に流れない。
    • 装備して呪われるとアイテムの基本性能のACにさらにACの上昇が付加される。
    • 呪いを解くにはアイテムの評価額の半分をボルタックに払うか、アイテムのSP効果を使う。

  3. Kajirou Active Member

    Well a terrible google translation is:

    Items will solve the curse in Borutakku curse, no more items.
    Items of the curse of 100% does not flow in the bargain.
    Further increase in the AC is added to the basic performance of the item and AC equipped cursed.
    Or pay to Borutakku half of the appraised value of the item, to break the curse of the item, use the SP effect.
  4. musashidon Well-Known Member

    i never used a curse item so idk, but i heard if you kill someone with one it's a 50% chance to insta ash.

    if you remove the curse the item breaks
  5. Derek Active Member

    Holy mother of god. Give me a cursed staff now.
  6. Kajirou Active Member

    That would be remarkably scary, but would make some sense (especially in the case of the master and legendary quality cursed items). They have good parts and bad parts, but that little bit would make them lovely PK weapons for cursed warriors. Still curious about that translation.
  7. Devastate Member

    I think cursed is only -3% when you revive not 50%
  8. musashidon Well-Known Member

    no when you kill someone not when you die.
  9. Kisai Active Member

    Well there is a way to find out, create a new account, rank it to SR2/3/4 or whatever you need to equip it, and then get a friend to "volunteer" to be killed with it.

    For the most part I think the point of a cursed item is to trip up people who don't ID things while in the dungeon in deciding what is vendor trash to throw away.
  10. Kajirou Active Member

    I think that's... no one.

    Some people I've met aren't even aware you can equip unidentified items, not to mention that 98% of the stuff you find trash anyways. Haven't found a person yet who uses this method to find what to keep and not.

    I have a cursed dagger I can use, I'll go do some 'testing' later today.
  11. Potatoslicer Active Member

    hm... only thing i can help with in this topic is pointing out the following:
    theyre pretty decent in power but they take their toll on you, usually in more than one way(seen some with a paralyze quality and what-not). unequipped by forcing the item to break(either destroy as a form of purification at the temple, costs about 50% of the ID cost for that item OR use until it breaks. depending on what harms the curse brings with it you might find the first method more convenient if you equipped the item)
    each item comes with a 3% less chance to res(last i recall from testing you dont have to equip it for this to come about, so be careful)

    can't say anything about turning people to ash or whatnot though
  12. Syxxx Member

    If they turn people to ash I will take 10 of each and every one.
  13. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    Selling a Red Sword right now if anyone's interested. :p
  14. Kajirou Active Member


    Well~ did some rough field testing. I uh.. went to find... "volunteers" who I could kill with a crummy cursed dagger (ghast knife). After killing 10 or so, one of them seemed to end up as ash on death. So while I can't say it's 50%, there is definitely a chance of them going ash when killed with a cursed weapon. I'm curious if better cursed weapons have a higher rate of turning the victim to ash.
  15. Avanyk Well-Known Member

    Interesting. This could be a viable weapon choice for criminal-thinning at higher levels. :)
  16. Syxxx Member

    Or White thinning. ehh?
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  17. Kajirou Active Member

    This makes cursed weapons amazing at PK, but still mostly crummy at PvE. The fact you can't unequip them on a whim is also annoying.

    Kinda wonder if would influence the drop rate of soul material though, as I've heard that drops on monster death. Probably completely unrelated, but I can dream.
  18. Avanyk Well-Known Member

    I encourage you to try this. :) I highly doubt there will be a dominant criminal playerbase at higher levels (if permadeath is as bad as they say). But I would equally enjoy seeing the criminal underworld overrunning the town to the point where the odds are against those who fight for justice and the innocent can only get by by respecting or paying homage to evil villains. Would be a fun challenge. :p
  19. Kajirou Active Member

    I don't see that happening any time soon. Unless we got a new town where guards attacked white players instead of red, and the whites had a crummy little slum area with subpar facilities; and the reds could go in at any time and just start harassing them. Maybe some kind of jail or pit, where they're still allowed to escape, but a single troll or a large number of inmates in there makes it really difficult to impossible. And for a modest fee the criminals could just kill everyone in there.
  20. musashidon Well-Known Member

    nah it's easy to dodge guards xD

    going to the dungeon guide to kill players was fun but not that fun XD

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