Gold Hacking, the game ruined for now. NEED RESPONSE

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by AngryGuy, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. AngryGuy Active Member

    SOE, there has been MANY MANY tickets by many different players. Choas members, AFK members, EVERYONE about this rampant gold activity.

    The base of the community has an idea of who is doing it, however you would know for sure.

    There needs to be a complete delete of ALL of the hacked gold or the economy will be ruined for the rest of this game's life and a minimum of a 24hr rollback. And obviously a fix of the hack.

    3 things from this point may happen.

    1: The game ends

    2: the game gets rolled back and all gold is deleted

    3: the game gets rolled back and all most gold is deleted, and the barter system is main system.

    We need a response SOE!
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  2. Rune Active Member

    Ill be miffed if my gold gets deleted I work hard to build a bank roll. Def need a roll back and a hack fix. You would think since this game went through japanise players for a year they would see stuff like this coming.
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  3. lakuza Well-Known Member

    I take it this is an US server issue only?
    Theres been no commontion/chaos of something like this on EU so can only assume that we haven't been hit by any hacks like this.
  4. Rune Active Member

    Hopefully not, I went through roll backs on everquest and SoE always made it right but sometimes they took a day to make a decision and wasted more of our time. They need to do the roll back post haste on us server and patch to fix on euro server.
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  5. Olecra New Member

    if it ever happens to EU there will hardly be anyone left :p
  6. Kano60 Active Member

    They can get rid of me that still won't solve your problem , keep playing into his games like a puppet Le une
  7. Dracon852001 Active Member

    Ahh but it would solve a few other problems *grumble.
  8. Jeraziah Active Member

    I swear if any of my gold gets deleted i might rage quit. I used to be always broke in this game and a lot of other games as well. i worked my *** off for the gold i posess and now that I have a steady amount gold they wanna take gold away because of a hacker that was obvious to them and they didn't do anything about it? **** that. There's no damn way they're taking my gold
  9. Rune Active Member

    Diablo you give yourself to much credit. I don't believe for a second you were hacking gold.
  10. Rune Active Member

    If you did not accept any hacked gold you should not have any problems. Don't trade buy or sell until they get this figured out.
  11. Kano60 Active Member

    The post is about a issue we have with the player obviously shows in the screenshots I know you love to derail threads Le une but ain't gonna work this time
  12. Rune Active Member

    Lmao, Saying I don't think you gold hacked is hardly off topic.
  13. Tarken Member

    Forget the personal arguments or bias. This kind of crap pisses me off. If you hacked the gold you don't deserve to play Wizardry Online since you are detracting from the game. If you took the gold you are a part of the problem. There's always someone who wants to take something good & destroy it. Just like a successful person getting murdered or robbed by someone jealous, someone trying to get someone's spouse to cheat, or a corporation taking a peaceful nation & destroying it economically.

    Why does this happen? I'm not 100% sure of all of the factors but what I know is this, some people handle the desire for more in different ways. For example, I'm not satisfied in every way, I'd like to be making more money than I make at the job I'm in right now. How I'm handling that is I'm going to college & trying to further my career. But I could handle that by robbing a bank or stealing from the company.

    We all make choices in life & it boils down to those w/ honor & those w/out honor. Success & honor is psychological. Which kind of person will you choose to be.
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  14. Rune Active Member

    Well said Tarken.
  15. Rune Active Member

    You could make 50 million in a week at lvl 10-15 doing uncleans and super heavy belts. Gold is not hard to come by in this game. Mobs drop tons of it, quests give a ton of it.
  16. Kano60 Active Member

    Please dont respond to this I think Le'Une is confussed. for a long time now.
  17. Rune Active Member

    Yeah math is hard.
  18. talking about just a normal Heavy belt not a Super Heavy belt
  19. Kano60 Active Member

    I farmed them fr weeks for very little success, Its not the key to 50 millions of gold as certain people here say, Ok people? enough about the belts now. thx
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  20. Rune Active Member

    Super heavy belt drops in CCS a lvl 11 instance. It also drops in unclean battles and comes from a quest box in OS i believe. The one from CCS is quite easy to farm at a very low lvl if you have a lot of time on your hands.

    I have more then 3 computers in my house that does not make me a hacker. I built 2 of em and I have trouble posting screen shots on the forums. Owning a lot of computers does not make me a hacker anymore then owning a lot of cars makes me a nascar driver.

    I'm not defending what tower has done I'm saying he did not hack a billion gold.

    As for the jumping up in the sky I have no idea. My toon seems to follow some pretty basic laws of computer game physics.
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