Gold Sellers / Farmers and Goddess Spheres

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by The Dunedain, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. The Dunedain Member

    SOE / DEVS, please look into this issue, you have metrics to pull, you can see the data and see the IP's these gold seller accounts are logging into. There is a major stream of Goddess Spheres that are flooding the market, and the way these gold sellers / farmers are getting them very fast and easy via game mechanics that I do not believe were meant to be abused.

    It is becoming frustrating to see so many items these golds sellers are pulling out and selling, blatant disregard for your game. Please consider closing this loop hole and make it so you are required to kill the final boss in Dragoons in order to see one of these Goddess Spheres drop.

    Between the plethora of gold selling advertising bots that are still here, many with the same names yet, tells me there is little emphasis on getting this rampant issue under control. Not sure what the size of your in-game support department is for this MMO, however I implore you to please take action and help your community.

    Many players I have spoken with have stated they have all opened tickets about these issues, only to get the standard responses that your looking into it and will take all appropriate action. Apparently no action is being taken, and nothing communicated to your community on this seriously growing issue.

    I love this game, and want to be here long term, just hopeful that your company will find the resources to address these issues in a timely manner.
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  2. The Horn Active Member

    There are some really shady shops appearing with names like 'OOOO SROO'
    I find it hard it is legit. They had about 10 master quality sr7 items. I mean....that sounds unlikely for a single person to grind out thus far.
    We need to get this under control, otherwise late game farming will be pointless and the in game market will be ****.
    Here is an idea: If we make enough threads with "Gold Seller" in the title...I bet they will get the picture.

    Its a shame they don't have a system in place that requires 'fantasy realm' type names.

    Its also a shame they haven't yet mentioned any changes they would like to implement to knock out the bots.
  3. musashidon Well-Known Member

    goddess sphere's can drop alot of different stuff, and from what i heard all you have to do is hop into battle steal attack curly take the item die rinse repeat till you have as many as you want not sure how hard it is or not but yea. also trap thieves cant solo the boss so if enough people do it yea you will see alot on the market.
  4. ScaryHydra Member

    Or, just ask us criminals to run into town and kill the gold sellers, then pay us.......
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  5. Devastate Member

    It's not a exploit or anything like that its just steal attack level 7 and its not 100% success rate or anything and that's how some people I seen from pulse guild did it. They farmed that boss for a week or so then sold some orbs to pay for enhancement cost then got bored and taking a break now gold sellers are doing it. Also people from the japanese version are the ones that found about this and thats how some people found about it. Also I want to note that opening up one of those orbs most of the time you will get only normal quality gear it's about 1 in 20 if that to get a master piece of gear. If you kill the boss its 100% DROP the orb.
  6. razberryranid Active Member

    No game company will ever answer this question. You will just see the results when it happens.
  7. hagino Active Member

    In US server,
    Goddess Spheres and SR7 gears are sold by people of Justice(60% selling amount), Pulse(30%) and us(10%)
    They are not gold sellers although they are real farmers for SR7 rare loots.
    You can blame farmers, but SOE can't ban them because they don't do any illegal things.

    But the problem is that we produce too much SR7 gears and the demand is so low.
    It is why you can see SR7 gears with very cheap price (EX : 10K G) LOL

    P.S. 1 :
    I have a thief with steal attack, but I don't wanna waste time to steal Goddess Spheres

    P.S. 2 :
    A union called "420" can also farm Goddess Spheres, but i don't know this union well.
    (I am not sure that they have or not been selling SR7 loots)
  8. Devastate Member

    Well thats what happen with all gear old sewers gear is cheap due to most of the server farms there
  9. The Dunedain Member

    I am not accusing any unions of gold farming, I realize some groups are farming using the above methods stated above. It just seemed like a large influx and my concern was our game economy. While it is good to hear that master items are more rare to find in these spheres, I just felt it was a little too easy, because of how its being done without actually defeating the boss.

    This is where I would like to see this loophole closed. I do not believe SOE intended for thieves to get a free pass by just running in and attempting to steal a sphere, and repeat over and over all day with no actual boss kills. While I think the steal item ability can be useful, it should not be a method to farm any boss mob for high end gear or the potential high end gear such as what is in the spheres.

    Just my opinion, though working in this industry kinda opens your eyes to game design mechanics that may not have been reviewed fully. There will always be those who are in favor of exploiting the game mechanics, but just because you can do it, does not necessarily mean its ok. I hear this argument all the time by those who just want an easy way to earn coin / high end loot.

    I am sure these spheres can be had by defeating the end boss as intended, but unfortunately some players feel justified when learning about faulty mechanics that negate the intended goal / reward for actually defeating said boss.
  10. musashidon Well-Known Member

    i would agree with you but i hate the word exploit. because a exploit is something not intended. if you are able to steal it using a skill wouldn't it be intended? i have always considered exploits to be things not intended like if in a old game i played when you pk'd someone you had a chance to loot exp but we *exploited it* by taking everything off and having no items then we got a low lvl character to pk and loot the high lvl dc the high lvl and we had 100% chance of getting exp shooting from a low lvl like 20 to 90 plus in a few minutes. while getting exp was a game mechanic getting it 100% wasn't.

    which is why i don't consider steal attack a exploit. if they didn't want it why make it steal able?

    also soe didn't make the game gamepot did soe is a publisher.
  11. Jung Well-Known Member

    Defeat Carley - 15 minutes.

    Try to farm for spheres - get one once in 5 minutes. Spend next 30 minutes getting nothing. The whole thing is purely luck from there.

    It's "effortless" in someways, and in other ways, greatly inefficient. But its charming aspect is that it is very solo-able.
  12. Dhregin Active Member

    Yeah, four thieves steal attacking it for hours and then transferring all the orbs to one character to sell would have a well stocked store over night.
  13. Kajirou Active Member

    Well it does seem like it's too easy; and it's a little regrettable that it's not just bots, but players acting like bots to do this. Kind of an exploit in the sense that they're using a relatively broken mechanic to produce mass amounts of loot to sell. Running in and steal attack, dying and then just repeating it? That shouldn't be happening in anything remotely resembling a hardcore game.

    On the other hand, as they keep doing it; it'll crash the market pretty fast. All those spheres will rocket down in price, along with all the gear they hold.
  14. musashidon Well-Known Member

    acting like bots? that's like saying a player who can bull run for 12 hours is exploiting the game because he can play for a long time. just because a player can do something for a long time without feeling meh this sucks lets stop, doesn't make it an exploit. how is a easy way to do something a exploit? it's like saying setting up traps on a spawn so things appear and die is a exploit. it takes no effort and they die instantly you loot then sit wait alittle set traps they spawn and die. if you can steal a item using a skill how is that a exploit?
  15. Kajirou Active Member

    Starting from the top; acting like a bot =/= exploiting. Doing the same thing over and over in a repetitive mundane matter is pretty bot like. You even start to feel like a robot. Toss in the fact that they turn to poorly named shops and characters and the resemblance gets stronger.

    What makes it an exploit is the ability for them to be rewarded for 0 effort and risk. Run in, steal attack, profit. That's like finding an NPC that gives you a quest, but 30% of the time it'll give you the quest reward without actually having to complete the quest; and then just talking to it for hours straight to profit for little effort.

    While I like the concept of steal attack, using it in this method feels like an abuse of the game mechanics. In the end, it's really up to SOE to make a call on this, if they ever decide to do so. (Highly doubtful)
  16. Devastate Member

    People farm old sewers for hours on end people farm bulls for hours on end but if people farm the last boss in the only content we got people want it to be nerfed doesn't make sense to me.
  17. Kajirou Active Member

    The difference is the amount of effort required. Farming old sewers and bulls requires you to actually fight and kill the mobs, not just run in, slap them, and die.
  18. The Dunedain Member

    Kajirou explains this issue well.

    Sorry Devastate, trying to redirect the issue by saying its the same as farming bulls will not work. There is a huge difference, but as I said, some players will try and defend their reasoning as to why farming Carly with little to no risk, not to mention soloable in this way, is somehow acceptable.

    Regardless of what numbers people want to put out on how often they get a sphere, the underlining issue is that it is very easy to obtain these spheres with little to no real effort by applying this hit and run thief tactic.

    I have already filed tickets with SOE and hope others have too, asking them to review the game mechanics on how these spheres are obtained.Spheres and the Master items that are coming from them should be very rare, but so far I am seeing more and more Master items showing up on the market because of these tactics being used.

    I have yet to find 1 group who has stated they actually farm kill Carly to earn their spheres. Just amazing how many players want "super easy" loot methods for content that is supposed to be challenging to get to instead of just sneaking through and stealing it endlessly.

    This is quite simply, an over site by SOE, so here is to hoping they do something about it, or a Dev post that they are ok with telling their community they want Thief class to have easy mode loot farming which no one else has, thus forcing players to decide to join the band wagon so they arent left behind in loot progression.
  19. Devastate Member

    People from japanese do this too and it hasn't been nerfed Its more you can't do it so you want it to be nerfed for others that can. People can kill carly but why kill it when it takes awhile then you have to roll against three others when you can just do this and get items for yourself.
  20. razberryranid Active Member

    That sounds so criminal. I think if the boss kills you he should have a chance to steal back the item you just stole. :p
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