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    * This guide is written here in the Gameplay Discussion section of the forums, because most of the questions regarding this function take place here.
    * This guide is written so new players don't have to shuffle through the FAQ and other threads regarding the skill inheritance system.
    * This guide is not written on the Wizardry Online wikia, because I do not like wikia's interface.


    Skill Inheritance

    Once your character hits Soul Rank 5 (SR5) you are eligible to perform class change. Class change in Wizardry Online means you can jump from one profession to the next, taking all the positives and negatives of your next career. However, each time you class change, you may also bring a certain amount of skills and skill points from one class to another. We call those skills "inherited skills." This cycle may be done infinitely, allowing you to break out of roles into new ones, all the while creating new roles.

    Cost of Class Change

    Each time you class change, there are a few requirements that you must bring to the according NPC:

    1) 10,000 gold

    2) A Proof of Career Change (can either be found as a full proof from monster drops, or is compiled by turning in 7 specific class stones - i.e Fighter Runestone)

    3) The correct alignment for the next class you are turning into. (For instance, if you are currently neutral and wish to go Priest, you must alter your alignment to the point of Lawful or Chaotic)

    4) The correct status to fill the prerequisite of the next class. (For instance, a Fighter would need to boost its intelligence to meet a Mage's requirement if it has not done so already via level up)

    A little more in-depth with Class Change

    So before we get into the class change process, a few extra bits of information needs to be explained, so you will consider the most pivotal periods of class changing.

    Extra BP and SP

    For every 10 levels you are before the class change, you will receive an extra skill point into your next class as well as a status point. That means, if you are level 20, you will receive 2 SP and BP, 30 would be 3 SP and BP, and so forth.


    Fighter (Lv.10) - Class change into Priest - Gain 1 extra SP / BP
    Fighter (Lv. 19) - Class change into Priest - Gain 1 extra SP / BP
    Fighter (Lv. 20) - Class change into Priest - Gain 2 extra SP / BP
    Fighter (Lv.30) - Class change into Priest - Gain 3 extra SP / BP

    These skill points and bonus points do not constantly carry, however.


    Fighter (Lv.20) - Class change into Priest - Gain 2 extra SP / BP (Starts with 3 SP)
    The same Priest (Lv.10) - Class change into Fighter - Gain 1 extra SP / BP (Starts with 2 SP)

    The extra skill points and bonus points only kick into effect for the next class you're playing - they do not constantly carry over to your future classes, creating what you would think to be potential infinite SP/BP.

    Rolling the Points for your Next Career

    When you class change, you can either choose to keep the initial points you rolled from the very beginning, or you can choose to re-roll completely. Much like the rolling at the initial character creation screen, you can keep cancelling and rolling until you get a number you like.

    Back to the Beginning

    Every time you class change, your character will reset back to level 1 (your soul rank is untouched forever).

    Being level 1 means all those status points you got from leveling up before are reset.

    Being level 1 also means you can not equip certain SR gear 5 and above (ex. SR5 requires you to be level 10 to use) so you need to consider your gear prior.

    By becoming a new class means all equipment restrictions apply to the class you're playing. If you used to be a Fighter, and turned Mage, you can not equip all the heavy armor and great swords you were packing before. You will be packing staves and robes for your Mage life.

    Breaking Boundaries

    While you are limited to each class' equipment, you are free to use any skill from any class once inherited. That means, if you brought the flame arrow skill from Mage to Fighter, you can cast them on your Fighter even though you're packing a 2H axe. If you brought set traps from Thief to a Priest, that Priest may lay those traps.

    Inheritance Values

    With every Soul Rank you hit, you may possibly unlock more possibilities for how many more skills and skill points you may carry over.

    Soul Rank - Skill Slots - Skill Points

    5 - 3 - 3
    6 - 3 - 6
    8 - 3 - 10
    9 - 4 - 10
    10 - 4 - 15
    12 - 4 - 20
    14 - 4 - 25
    16 - 5 - 25
    18 - 5 - 30
    20 - 5 - 35
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    Now we can go over how the actual inheritance system actually works. We'll go through it first via an example scenario.

    A) Player is currently SR5, and has made a level 10 character to class change.
    B) Player is a Priest, and wishes to carry over Heal, Divine Armor, Stun Smash.
    C) At SR5, Player has 3 Skill Slots and 3 SP for inheritance.
    D) Player carries over Heal (lv.1), Divine Armor (lv.1), Stun Smash (lv.1)

    This scenario passes.
    Now scenario 2.

    A) Player is currently SR5, and has made a level 10 character to class change.
    B) Player is a Priest, and wishes to carry over Heal, Divine Armor, Stun Smash.
    C) Player's current points trained in skills are: Heal (lv.1), Divine Armor (lv.1), Stun Smash (lv.2)
    D) Player tries to carry over all three skills, but is unable to, because Stun Smash being at lv.2 makes it so that it breaks the skill point capacity.

    This scenario does not pass.

    Basically, while you are given a number of skills to be carried over, and skill points as well, your current skills have to match up with the requirements. Therefore, players must plan their skill trees prior to class changing to carry what they want over.

    Of course, not all skill slots have to be used up, and you're free to not use all the SP given if you really don't have anything to carry over at the time. Another scenario would look like this.

    Scenario 3.

    A) Player is currently SR6, and has made a level 10 character to class change.
    B) Player is a Priest, and wishes to carry over Heal only to its next class: fighter.
    C) Since Player is SR6, they have 3 skill slots and 6 SP to use.
    D) Player carries over Heal (lv.6) to Fighter.
    E) 1/3 Skill Slots used, 6/6 SP used.

    This scenario passes.

    NOTE: Any skills carried over into the next class may not be decreased or increased - they are dead locked into a corner of your skill tree on the bottom right corner. That is, unless you do the method mentioned in our next section here.

    Grandchild Inheritance

    While you are free to go experience multi-classed characters, you are also free to go back to your old class while carrying its own skills back to it. While you may not have any new diverse skill outside your old class' skill tree, you instead unlock the ability to either have enough points to invest in multiple trees for your class, or to bypass skill prerequisites. We'll use examples again to explain.

    Scenario 1.

    A) Player is currently SR10 (4 skill slots / 15 SP), is a Fighter, and carries over Head Bash (lv.6), Physical Defense Fighter (lv.3), Overuse (lv.3), and Maximum Weight (lv.2)
    B) 4/4 skill slots used, 15/15 SP used.
    C) Player goes into Priest, plays Priest to level 10, then goes back into Fighter carrying the same exact skills.

    The result?

    Originally, Head Bash requires War Cry to learn. Because he carried it back, he doesn't have to train War Cry for Head Bash, and Head Bash unlocks all the skills further in the tree that requires it.

    Originally, Physical Defense Passive requires Sentinel Guard to learn. But because he carried it back he doesn't have to train Sentinel Guard to learn it, and Physical Defense Passive unlocks all other skills down the tree.

    The same goes for the other 2 skills.

    And here's something even more to add: because you carried the Fighter skills back into Fighter, instead of being locked originally like Inheritance skills, you are still able to train them.

    In other words, playing a grandson inheritance means:

    1) You may bypass skill requirements for the skills before, allowing you to jump around the skill tree.
    2) You can pad your specific character's skill tree, making them a super concentrated version of that class.


    All in all, I think that's the gist of class change. If I missed anything, players are welcomed to add to the conversation via responses (I can't edit it, because SOE forums don't allow you to - so what you see is what you get so far).
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    Thank you for taking the time to write up this excellent guide.
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    Request to sticky. Game does poor job at describing or hinting at class change system. At least this guide will help those who look at the forums.

    Also, before anyone tries to buy an Oblivion Heirloom to change their inherited skills level, it doesn't work.
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    The game needs to describe soul ranks and reclasses loads better. Many think permadeath=complete restart.
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    Another vote for thread sticky. Even FAQ didn't explain Inheritance as well as the op here.
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    I also vote the guide be stickied and for the information to be posted onto the wiki.
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    Excellent Guide! Have you heard we have a wiki?
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    Extremely useful, thank you immensely.
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    One good use of the Oblivion Heirloom then is to respec just before a class change if you've got a skill that you want to transfer, but it's too high of a level for your current allotment of inheritance points. Of course you could just plan it that way from the git-go and save yourself some moolah.
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    Awesome guide! Thanks a lot!
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    Q: When you carry over bonus points (from an original high roll, like we are all hoping), can you reallocate those points to any stats again? e.g. fighter life with 40 points allocated 10 each to str/dex/vit/agi; change to priest life and allocate 10 each to str/vit/agi/pie
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    You have to either re-roll or bring them over as they are allocated on your current class.
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    Really great post, thanks for taking the time!
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    The more I think about the more I realize that for me the only reason I would change class VIA inheritace is because of equipment. Because truth be told if I could equip any weapon from the warrior class to a priest or even a mage I would choose the latter to play. That is not to say skill have little importance in fact they are there for you to create a unique character build but over time most people would have worked out the best built or most ideal depending on the situation and many would copy it instead of taking the time to figure out the system and make there own.
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    Mages with 2h swords and Heavy armor?
    Down right crazy talk.
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