Hidden crystal fragments?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Dangersum, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Dangersum New Member

    What are they for? o_O
  2. nukeinabottle Active Member

    Secret boss fights in dungeons. I have never done them but I hear they are intense
  3. Brandon Member

    Pretty sure you want level 15 before you so much as attempt to do one of the secret boss fights. You can combine them into orbs for this purpose. And I'm not sure if the item has this description still but in the beta it would tell you what zone it's for and say that you can use it at any Dark Statue, come to find out there's only one statue you can use it at. I'll have to check later on whether the description was changed.
  4. nukeinabottle Active Member

    It gives you the dungeon but thats it. I remember someone saying in the sewers its the second statue and in the ruins its the last.
  5. Reiji New Member

    The recommended level for the first hidden fight (unclean) is 15, it is doable earlier if you play it smart but your mileage may vary depending on class/gear.

    Hidden order,
    Arachnid (full party around 20ish for this one)
  6. Sidt Member

    yeah that's right. anyways, the earliest you could possibly even think of doing one is the kaoka ruins one, at around level 11. but i would strongly recommend you wait until atleast 15 before trying to tackle it.
  7. LDTVillain Active Member

    true and you only get to use it once until you get another hidden crystal fragment
  8. Adolfy Member

    So where we can change fragments to 'crystal/orbs' ?
  9. AznNoProblem New Member

    Yeah I tried to do the ruins one at level 10...

    Got pooped on.
  10. Madrick New Member

    does this result in epic gear? :p
  11. Cayran Member

    At a npc in bustling "Crystal Artisan Curedan" he is near the blacksmith

    I tried using it in Caligrase Sewers, you can start at the 2 second or 3 statue.... I got owned at lvl 9 (fighter)
  12. LDTVillain Active Member

    i was lvl 12 on that one and still lost rec lvl should be about 14-15 if your still having probs do a party
  13. Reiji New Member

    The result of 20 runs so far is complete bupkiss.

    The sad thing is, it uses this rare consumable item, and the gear that drops in there also has a high chance of being complete junk (bent spears, broken swords, etc). I mean I could understand making the drop rate of the good stuff super low, but don't taunt us with the gear drops when 99.99% of the time it is vendor trash, just toss a few extra gold on there and save us some dignity. -_-
  14. Sidt Member

    the only reason to do them is the titles IMO. if they do drop any good gear, I've never seen it. and you can get more gold faster by just doing the repeats, and level up while doing it.

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