How do you grind exp points?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by D14m0nd88, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. D14m0nd88 New Member

    Hi all, I'd like to know how do you grind experience points. I've just finished the Golden Dragon Ruins Dungeon and went for the first time in Chikory Castle and every enemy seems to be way stronger than me. I'm level 10, fighter, and I think I have a decent equipment. So my problem seems to be the low level.How do you farm the fastest way?

    Thanks guys :D
  2. BloodyBartuc New Member

    Quest grind bud. Just keep going back to the quest hub and repeat quests that are grouped together. After a while you will get to the point that you can comfortably handle what ever you want.
  3. Tsukei Member

    You can farm in chikor solo at level 8, Ar you sitting there letting the monsters in chikor hit you? just curious cause the kobolds do a charge attack that is easily dodged and the zombies are really slow, It could also be your gear, but if you trully want to grind it out you can try grinding solo in Golden Dragon Ruins, Zule Warriors have a decent respawn time and dont hit very hard
  4. Neogenex Member

    Either what BloodyBartuc said or get a group.
  5. Avanyk Well-Known Member

    The latest trend for grinding exp has been the Millionaire boss battle (2nd boss) in Aria Reservoir. Warriors with 2-handed weapons will spam this boss battle repeatedly for exp and cash, solo even.

    I have to say, it's surprisingly rewarding. I'm sure there are other ways to exp up pretty fast, but this got me a few soul ranks in under a couple hours.
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  6. Kajirou Active Member

    Prior to Aria, I find the golden dragon ruins a strangely better source of exp. The missions give more exp but less gold than chikor (if I remember correctly. Thought it was odd at the time). The monsters aren't bad exp themselves either.
  7. D14m0nd88 New Member

    Thanks for the fast answers guys! :D
    I was already doing the Zule Warriors mission, but I thought there were better ways to level up. Oh well, down for the grinding.
  8. Dracon852001 Active Member

    The second boss battle in aria (coins) is probably the best place in the game to solo grind if your strictly looking at exp and soul point gain. With an average warrior I get 52.4 soul points and about 6k exp per minute (yes I was bored enough to record and calculate it lol, though this is with dimento medal and extra exp from soul rank up as well as membership 4 percent bonus). The cash is inferior to just quest grinding higher up, but the exp is top notch and you gain lvls pretty fast up to like 15.

    However, if you group with ANYONE you can get better exp just progressing and doing quests. Coins is great for solo only.
  9. Neogenex Member

    Wait... per MINUTE?!? Where the heck is this place at?? I need to go there before they nerf this lol
  10. Dracon852001 Active Member

    Aria reservoir, quite early too. However remember, these numbers were based off of a 79 percent exp increase (biggest part comes from high soul ranks), so without these bonuses you'll only get half of what I get, but still nice.
  11. Neogenex Member

    I have the membership and the dimento medal active.

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