Roll back, is this true Soe?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Warsoul, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Warsoul Active Member

    I've heard rumors of a (roll back) and anything we did today doesn't count. I' was wondering how much of this rumor is true?
  2. Katilyn Active Member

    Well.... we shall see
  3. Rune Active Member

    If someone actually dumped a bunch of gold in the economy that did not belong there then I hope they roll it back pronto. Not wait a day or 2 and then do it.
  4. Hazelyn Active Member

    Considering HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of gold was handed out by hackers to random passerbys, I sure hope so.
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  5. Warsoul Active Member

    I don't want them running anymore people away:(

    A lot could go wrong with this roll back when we are dealing with rw purchases and a system like our forging. Your taking anything you got from luck today and trashing it.

    The gold was being hacked is bad but anything hurting our population is worse..
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  6. Rune Active Member

    Yup, any drops any lvls any trades poof. Best bet is to log off and forget about it until they figure it out. When this happened in everquest they always made it right. I just hope they dont spend a lot of time trying to decide what to do
  7. Hazelyn Active Member

    You think it's better that people are now walking around with pockets full of 100+ million gold at SR 5 and 6? One day's worth of time is worth fixing this, if they can get rid of the hack, too.
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  8. lakuza Well-Known Member

    Whats involved in a roll back? Is it just a reset of gold to a certain date?

    Also, where did you hear about a roll back? Is it for both servers or just one?
    I've glimpsed over another thread and it seems to be a US server only thing if I'm correct?
  9. Warsoul Active Member

    It's a roll back of the whole server to a specific point in time.
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  10. Rune Active Member

    I doubt it will be of the euro server unless you are having the same problems.
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  11. lakuza Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses. Nothing like this seems to have hit the EU server but no harm in SOE investigating to make sure.
    We seem to get sphere steal botter issues only from what I've seen in chats.
  12. Warsoul Active Member

    This is insane I thought he was a kid. This guy was jumping into the sky and walking through walls. You know this explains why the gold farmers left WO. All the ppl that buy gold were getting it for free. I'm wondering how long this has been going on?
  13. Rezerk Member

    I just hope they compensate us for time lost, or I'm gonna be pissed.
  14. Rune Active Member

    [Tower] did not do this, he just borrowed a couple million gold from me a day ago to do some forging.
  15. Rune Active Member

    In eq when this kind of thing happened we got a double exp weekend or something of the like
  16. Warsoul Active Member

    Double exp doesn't create +7 forges and the luck to make them either. This could really hurt us if its not handled right.

    Someone I know called Soe and they said a roll back I was told.
  17. Olecra New Member

    Whether they compensate players or not I think SOE would do the right thing with a roll back. It'll end up doing less damage to the in-game eco than just leaving it alone. What worries me most is how far back they decide to do it. I don't want to have to go hunting green slime aoa =_=
  18. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    Wow, this is all news to me.

    I suppose something drastic happened while I was at work? :eek:

    EDIT - I see the other thread, sorry.
  19. Warsoul Active Member

  20. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    This game cant catch a break.
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