Roll back, is this true Soe?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Warsoul, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Zoey Member

    oooooohhhh lol i didnt know thats what you meant :p well there's an EXP bonus. extra large to. so maybe they wont do roll back
  2. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    I prefer a rollback.

    As of now I feel like the economy is broken and with gear being 75% of the game, if there isnt a roll back and we just move forward "as-is" then I just dont see the point in playing.

    Allowing the hacking to occur for months and then doing nothing when someone ruins the game would just be too much for me to stomach I think.

    But yes, that xp bonus is sweet!
  3. RadarX Administrator

    We are going to go ahead and close this before it gets any worse. For the record, there have been some suspensions and more will be forthcoming. Regardless a public discussion of these matters does not further the community in any way.
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