Samurai Dojo (Elite Class Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by lakuza, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. lakuza Well-Known Member

    This a class discussion thread for all things Samurai (one of four elite classes in Wizardry Online).


    Character level: 30 minimum
    Stats: STR:15 VIT:14 AGI:10 INT:11 PIE:10
    Alignment: Lawful / Neutral

    Weapon Choices
    Katana - Samurai exclusive weapon
    1 handed Sword

    Skill Tree

    * based off Japanese server in winter 2013 where 2 additional skills were added (highlighted in image)

    Samurai share some skills from Fighter and Mage skill trees.


    Examples of topics to discuss:

    - Skill info ( to create a better understanding of each skill, accompanied by screens, vids, facts)
    - Preferred builds ( combos, skill choice, weapon and armour choice)
    - PvE ( grind spots, final battles and general PvE strategies and tips)
    - PVP ( strategies against other classes, surviving etc)
    - Stat discussions
    - equipment drops for Samurai
    - showing off impressive feats using your Samurai character
    - Questions you have regarding Samurai
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  2. TsunderM Member

    I decided on a new samurai build:

    4 atk passive
    6 desperado
    7 attack aura
    7 self heal
    6 over use

    Alignment Lawful.

    I would really like to see what your samurai builds are going to be. Samurais have great direct damage abilities, but very few self support / utility systems and I'm curious how others plan to deal with this.
  3. Katilyn Active Member

    Sounds like a solide build, except i wouldnt go with overuse as a samurai, take divine armor instead.

    Anyway, question to all: what role will Samurai's play in groups?
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  4. Dremlock Well-Known Member

    I think they will work best as melee DPS. They have magic abilities, but from looking at their skills and gear selection, it seems like they will have higher melee dmg.
  5. Jesse Active Member

    What stat should i stack? str or int?
  6. Dremlock Well-Known Member

  7. Jesse Active Member

    of course, why didnt i think of that? When fighters get that new skill which increases damage from the front? answer this too please.
  8. Dremlock Well-Known Member

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  9. Jesse Active Member

    All becomes clear now.
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  10. Dremlock Well-Known Member

  11. The UnkOne New Member

    Starring me, as the pathetic Lv14 fighter with nothing on!!! :p
  12. Dremlock Well-Known Member

    Here's a handy Elemental Slash macro:


    This macro will use 1 of your elemental slashes every time you press it depending on which one isn't on cool down. It prioritizes top to bottom so put your highest damage slash on top. I put 4 points in ice slash so I put it on top. My macro favors ice slash when it is not on cool down.


    This saves you some space on your bars, and you will probably be using all 4 elemental slashes on targets that have high pdef or low mdef. I keep all slashes on my bars still just to see the cooldowns, but they aren't keybound buttons.

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  13. lakuza Well-Known Member

    Nice tip :)
    What are your impressions of Samurai so far?
    How does the katana compare with other weapons?
    Hows the forward dash?
    Would be great if you get chance to record a lil preview vid on the skills and attack styles too :)
  14. Hazelyn Active Member

    from sparring with Drem a bit, the dash seems cool, but it gets interrupted easily by mages if you say ... just arrow them if they try to dash at you. It's somewhat predictable since you know they want to use it. It's a bit flawed in that regard in my opinion, however it may be better against other match ups? or certain players. Just my opinion on seeing it. This weakness is cancelled out by Divine Armor or similar effects, of course, as far as interrupting it. But it's still easy to hit them on the way or just move away.
  15. Dremlock Well-Known Member

    Samurai has good dmg potential. I'm using a +7 SR4 katana (110 patk) and hit Loitering statues in the back for 3k a swing, 6k hard hits (auto attack).

    It's by far the most complicated class I've played. I can go into more detail about this in a bit.

    Dash moves you forward the distance of 1 sprint jump in about half a second. 3 sec CD, cost 10 OD.
  16. Asuna--San New Member

    Hi guys ^^ this is mine first time here ^^ nice to meet u all ^^ i wanna be a samurai but i hvae just 1 stone ^^" need 19 more anyone can help me to get it or just say me where have to farm it?^^ thanks alot for u help ^^
  17. Tinari Active Member

    Hello everyone.

    A female cannot be a Samurai. A Samurai is a term used exclusively to define men. A female of the bushi class would be called an Onna-bugeisha.

    I thought this was extremely interesting and potentially belongs here, seeing a female character is the first Samurai. :3
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  18. Asuna--San New Member

    Hey and ahhaha i can be Samurai =3 Girls can do anything =3
    but first need the stones ^^"
  19. Tinari Active Member

    But the acquisition of stones makes you a man.
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  20. Nathanael Active Member

    ah yeah, following your logic, fem lords should be ladies(?) and what about bishops? XD
    nah seriously, we are not talking about historical japanese samurai, just the flaw of it taken out of context to fit in a mmorpg. its cool, ja?
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