Thug AI In Twilight Alley

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Embrosia, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Embrosia New Member

    So since the main sections of the town are overrun by guards, why can't the slums have a few thug AI that work much like guards? It only seems realistic because if a PKer wants to travel to town and start a murderous rampage, the guards are there to intervene; when a bounty hunter or random player decides to kill reds in the slums, there is no one to protect them. I know most reds are a higher level and can handle their own, but it would even the playing field if there were a guard type AI to protect the "citizens" of the slums. Maybe they cannot run as fast as guards or eliminate players with one hit, but a buffer against white players would be beneficial for the reds who only return to town for the sole purpose of healing/resupplying/mission gathering.

    As an extra note, if a thug were to kill a player, they are simply expelled to the entrance of the slums and are allowed to revive in Hero's Square.
  2. CurthoysBlaize Active Member

    There is your problem. Playing a criminal is like playing hardcore mode, and any way it is made easier I am completely against. As it is, it's too easy. Making it even easier is not the answer. Don't like it? It's easy to not be a criminal.
  3. Avanyk Well-Known Member

    It's not entirely a bad idea, the thing is though, criminals are likely to attack other criminals also. You kill, plunder, steal, etc., Whose to say thugs are supposed to protect evil-do'ers? Are you paying them?
  4. Reiji New Member

    But I like getting chased around by 8-10 white knights every time I go to channel 1!

    It makes me feel like a special snowflake.
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  5. Embrosia New Member

    I don't mind the White Knights chasing me, but for players who didn't want to be PKers, I'm sure they don't appreciate the constant chasing and reviving. BTW, funny comment. XD

    Sorry, but I never said in my post to make the game easier, only to even the playing field. It would actually make it much harder for bounty hunters to claim their reward because they would have to sneak around the slums and work for their kill.
  6. Mordrake Member

    White players who venture in the slums are neutralized pretty quick in the EU server, at least in the channel 1 where I play.
  7. Embrosia New Member

    That doesn't happen in the US servers, at least not while I've been logged in.
  8. CurthoysBlaize Active Member

    You want to make it easier for criminals. As a criminal, I oppose this strongly. It won't happen though, thank god, but still. Ideas like this worry me.
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  9. LDTVillain Active Member

    its a good idea but it could unblanace the game
  10. Derek Active Member

    Imagine, in real life, criminals kill everyone they see in he streets and the police arrest them. Makes sense right?
    How about when you're on your way to work and a thug smack you in the face because you exist? No.
  11. Embrosia New Member

    I think you missed the point of the thread. I don't think someone would be "going to work" through an area such as that unless they were a criminal. Ever heard of stepping on the wrong turf?
  12. Derek Active Member

    Okay I admit Ive missed the important point.
    I do have another point though.

    If we implement these thugs, whats the penalty of being red?
    Everyone lets go kill and loot each other and go afk in the slums
  13. Embrosia New Member

    Just like normal players being allowed the same privilege? It's not like I want these thugs to do over 70K damage with each hit. Only enough to deter the weaker white knights (30-40 each hit).
  14. CurthoysBlaize Active Member

    I have to know, are you a red yourself?
  15. Embrosia New Member

    I am but I don't mind the white knights, I only see many people get killed when they aren't doing anything related to PKing or criminal activity. I participate, but I feel for the ones who don't enjoy being a red.
  16. Derek Active Member

    If these thugs are hired and kills counts towards the player, it'd be better.
    Whats bad about criminals is that their timer increases when they kill white knights trying to kill them.
  17. Tropes New Member

    THAT is in my oppinion one of the big problems. Why isnt the criminal allowed to protect himself without being further punished for it? A player who wants to try out being a criminal can easily become a 72h+ red one.
    Me and my friend went to kill some lowies just to try out what its like being a criminal. He maybe got between 6-12 hours and now after I went into another dungeon with him, i have a skull in my red symbol. And we never killed ANY white after those first and last ones. It was just because i healed him all the time. To complete the dungeon. I just fail to see the logic for that.
  18. Embrosia New Member

    I agree, since you aren't allowed to attack normal players without adding time, so why not give us some barrier? I like Derek's idea, but how would that work if the thug saw another red being attacked and did nothing because it only protects the one that hired it? If they patrolled like guards and left players alone when they escaped their line of sight, I don't see an unbalance being created.
  19. Scynix New Member

    I'm sorry, it's just a stupid idea.
    If you don't want to have to hide in the slums as a red, don't be a red. The game doesn't force you to be red, you're making a choice to be red.

    You can't protect yourself because you chose to go red in the first place. Killing police officers isn't considered self defense when a criminal does it.

    I honestly don't have words for how dumb it is that people keep posting "ideas" for making being red easier, and try to pawn it off as "evening the field". There is no field. There's red's and white's, and you actively picked to be a white, no one pushed you into it.
  20. Freyar Active Member

    Sorry, don't think so. You choose to be a criminal, well.. either you do your time or you pay up.

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