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  1. dagreatdennis New Member

    Does anyone have any advice on what skills to select in order to be a good trap thief? I've pretty much only ever been a tank before and just want to hear some of the skills and skill tree progression you would advise in order to be a good trap thief.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Thrandarian Active Member

    Cut and Bomb are your bread and butter. The higher the better...Acid is also nice as you get higher level. I don't carry over skills from other classes....but some will say it's better to bring over desperado from fighter and the damage aura from priest.

    For me I go pure thief.
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  3. Riveran21 Active Member

    Hey Dag...

    I've been playing a trap thief but admittedly was kind of stabbing in the dark when I started this character. In OBT and CBT I focused on the fighter class but when I rolled a 52 for my Porkul Fighter I was looking to create (I have a sick sense of humor) I actually changed directions and decided to go with trap thief.

    I have to say that I love playing a thief. There's so much more that goes into playing a thief than just holding down a swing button and a couple of skill buttons here and there.

    With the above said, I had reached Level 19 with my thief and was not happy with the "skills" that I had chosen. I was doing pretty good with my Spear Traps and Cut Parts combo but I had yet to open up the path to "Bomb Destroy" and was not happy that I had not done so earlier.

    The primary reason is that when you only get 1 skill point per level it takes a total of 7 levels just to get to Level 1 of Cut Parts and Level 1 of Bomb Destroy. If you wait until the later levels to open these paths, you are going to be waiting forever for damage you should already be causing.

    So I would open these paths as a 1st priority (based on trap thief).

    Decoy is a good compliment for a trap thief as after you run the mob through your traps, you can lay a high level decoy which will allow you to leverage your attack from behind and perhaps your "Hide Attack" skill.

    Stealth will allow you to reset the "hate" on your character after they run through your traps. You will have the mob pursuing you until they can get a lick in unless you use your "stealth" to remove that aggro.

    If you choose to go trickster as a 2nd tree, Warzen can be very powerful. However, unless you have a debuff that you can put on the mob, it's pretty much useless. So in a party it's nice because you'll encounter debuff's constantly. Soloing, you'll want to leverage "acid parts" (which is in the path to bomb destroy) to debuff the mob. It also lowers their AC, as well.

    So I recently decided to "re-skill" my character and then immediately changed class to a fighter. As an SR8, I was able to bring over up to three skills that did not exceed 10 skill points. So I when I re-skilled I put 4 levels in Cut Parts and 3 levels in Bomb Destroy and 3 levels in Stealth.

    When I class changed I brought with me "cut parts", "bomb destroy" and "stealth". Now without "Spear Traps" or "Poison Traps", the "cut parts" and "bomb destroy" are useless as a fighter. However, my plan is not to stay a fighter but to re-class into a thief. At which time I will "grandfather" the "cut parts" and "bomb destroy", which will save me about 5-6 skill points that I can now allocate elsewhere.

    Anyway - those are just a few of the tips that I have learned. I hope that it helps.
  4. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    You've probably answered this before Thran, but do you find that Cut lvl's better than Crush?

    Or are they about equal?
  5. Devastate Member

    They should be equal in damage unless the mob is weak against the type of damage.
  6. Thrandarian Active Member

    Sometimes I think this guy just loves to hear himself talk.

    Here is what I have been told. Level to level crush will do more damage. It takes level 5 crush to get to level 7 cut damage. Since the level requirement to get to level 6 crush is pretty much unreachable at this point, it makes more sense to max cut at level 7 and get the better damage.

    Then when you get high enough level, re-spec your skills and max crush and eliminate cut. That is my plan anyway.
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