What does Luck truely do?

Discussion in 'Gameplay discussion' started by Galisaa, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Galisaa New Member

    The only thing I've read around here is it can effect revive chances. Does it do anything else? Item drop? Smiting +? What do we know?
  2. Avanyk Well-Known Member

    JP Wiki says it affects revive rate and possibly forging and drop rates as well.
  3. lylefujin Member

    Doesn't it also affect Trap Disarming on Treasure Chests?
  4. Potatoslicer Active Member

    i noticed a slight change(1%) between a character with a lot of luk and a character with little luck, but at the same time its possible that it came from class growth on levelup(level 9vs10,10 points in luk creating the level 10 and no points on the level 9)
  5. Enxius Active Member

    Luck only effects Trap disarm chance and Revive chance. IF luck does infact impact forging chance, the % increased amount is so tiny that it is impossible to test due to it being such a small percentage and because the blacksmith gives such a broad message between percentage intervals.

    For example 15 luck might give .5% better forge chance (probably less) because If it was any higher than that it would be fairly easy to test. One could simply make a Porkul with 15+10 Luck, and put in the same forge stones on a character with no luck and see if the message changes at all. No one has verified this change so therefore luck either does not effect forge chance at all, or, if it does it's only by very little.
  6. Deepest Shadow Active Member

    I have not noticed much difference in forging between my porkul with 43 luck and my human with 18 luck.
  7. hagino Active Member

    Maybe luck will affect the drop rate of rare items.
    But no one can prove it.
  8. Desperato Member

    I disagree, I've got over thirty luck, I can easily + items with lower stones than most people (ie tons of people breaking on +4, whereas my first attempt to forge I used bad stones, and made +5 without breaking it.)
  9. Maglite Member

    So... Porkul for Crafting then? :D
  10. Deepest Shadow Active Member

    i have forged over 500 items, some with my porkul that has 43 luck, some with a human that has 20sum luck, and some with a human that has 18 luck. I have not noticed any difference in the forging chances. In fact, all the items i currently have at +6 were made by the human.
  11. Maglite Member

    I wonder if SR helps?
  12. Wrex Active Member

    sr helps by the fact that you can buy higher level stones, and kill bosses that drop higher level stones.
  13. Enxius Active Member

    Be ready for a bad luck forge streak :p
  14. Phoenixrisingla Well-Known Member

    I've heard dimento medal helps forging chances as well, but again, no actual data supporting this.
  15. Ryltar New Member

    Thats not etirely true, for it realy depends on the implementation
    those messages show how sou the succses rate
    well then let's assume that this is meerly a sideeffect and in reality those messages meerly show the level of diffikulty the folowing forge will have
    further it is imposible to change the level of difficulty of a forge
    that means you can never improve the succses rate beyond a certain point but through luck you would be able to have an 59% succesrate instead of 40% thats already something
    thought that's merely an argument to prove my point....

    back to the topic...

    i do get the feeling that luck does weed increase drop rates or to be more precisely the possibility to get some rarer items
    but the effect seems to have decreased since obt then again the droprates there were just magnificent!

    by the way i'm comparing there
    porkul thief (luk = ~40) > porkul mage (luk = ~20) > human priest (luk = ~10)
    with the last one i never got even a good drop thoght all of them have nearly the same lvl +/- 2

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